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Schoolhouse Press—Special Announcement December 2010

“My HEART is not really in the designing of Christmas trivia, because my brain is designing a sock-heel.”

— Elizabeth Zimmermann, in Knitter's Almanac

a special announcement from
Meg Swansen

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A wish for a snug and peaceful holiday and Good Knitting on into 2011. It is close to the time when I indulge in an annual (silent) reading of one of my favorite sections from Knitter’s Almanac, but this year I will read from a shiny, new, hardcover, dust-jacketed commemorative edition from Dover, taking my mother's advice: "These few days between Christmas and the New Year are for holding the breath, for sitting still and observing, for summoning energies against the future. There is a hush, unbroken even by the click of knitting needles, although perhaps by the turning of the pages of beautiful new Christmas books."

A few days ago, I was heartened to hear Oprah declare - as she held a new book in her hands - that physical books are forever; that she takes her Kindle when travelling, but that nothing compares to being snugged into a comfortable chair with a hot cup of tea or cocoa, reading an actual book. As a small press, teetering on the brink of electronic books, the above is most encouraging.

Besides all the recent editions of our SPP (Schoolhouse Press Patterns), we have had a small burst of new titles of late: Katharine Cobey’s Diagonal Knitting: A Different Slant has been exceedingly well-received, including comments from Clara Parkes' Knitter's Review:

"A visual artist who uses knitting as her medium, Katharine Cobey is a master of the big picture. She manipulates knitted fabric to create sculptural objects that push the boundaries of how knitting is perceived. Some pieces are wearable clothing, others are installation works, all are stunning. Hers is a revered name in the Maine fiberarts community, where she has lived and taught since 1992. And she holds a special place in my own heart. Melanie Falick introduced me to her in Knitting in America, where the photograph of Cobey's "Portrait of Alzheimer's" piece brought me to tears. I'd just lost my grandmother and knitting mentor to that very same disease, and I had never seen knitting used so powerfully as the medium for a deeper message. As brilliant and inventive as Cobey is, she is not a step-by-step pattern writer. Rather, she follows in the footsteps of the likes of Elizabeth Zimmermann, Mary Walker Phillips, and Barbara Walker. She gives you the pieces, shows you how she put them together, and then sets you free to use these pieces however you like. At a time when most publishers are opting for the simple GPS approach, we are lucky that Diagonal Knitting finally came to fruition." --Knitter's Review

and a review from Living Crafts:


The above has been closely followed by, Spinning Around: Spinning, Dyeing & Knitting Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Classics, by Jeannine Bakriges. Spinning Around will be delivered on Friday, and we anticipate shipping to customers by next week, so there is still time to order as a holiday gift.



Pattern News:

Sacred Trees (SPP23), the second pattern in Ron Schweitzer's Remembered Voices collection is now available. The Remembered Voices collection is exclusive to Schoolhouse Press. Ron writes: Using 11 colors of mostly heathered yarns, SACRED TREES captures the essence of beliefs in Native American civilizations that certain trees are portals for spirit energy. To the Salish Nation of the Pacific Northwest, the Arbutus tree was sacred; Mayan culture considered the Ceiba tree central to their mythology and cosmology; and the Aztecs venerated the Copal tree, whose wood provided incense believed to be the “scent of heaven.” The design is an allover tree motif I developed from Celtic artwork.

Photo Gallery News:

We recently created a photo gallery to showcase our collection of Barbara G. Walker doll outfits. You can view the gallery and Barbara's essay about doll knitting.

In celebration of the new year and our next new book: Knit One, Knit All, we've included a free pattern for our newsletter subscribers from the new title. A pair of clogs (Fune Feat) designed by Elizabeth Zimmermann in 1960-quick to knit in thick wool, like Sheepsdown or your own Handspun!

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