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Barbara G. Walker Hand-Knits Auction


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Note: If you visit the auction page multiple times, the items may appear in a different order each time. Scroll through to find the item you want. The description, condition, and measurement details for each item are listed once you click the small thumbnail in the auction. Barbara was unable to identify the materials for each item, but she regularly worked with cotton, wool-blends, and sythentics.

We are currently running Auction #3. Click the pdf below to see the Look Book for Auction #3.

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Here is a rare opportunity to own a piece of knitting history. Barbara G. Walker is auctioning scores of her original garments and a few accessories: sweaters, sweater/skirt sets, pants suits, table cloths, bags, tabards and shawls; each item is hand-knitted entirely by Barbara. It is thrilling to see the actual garments that were photographed in many of the first editions of her books and to recognize so many of BGW’s original stitch-pattern designs in various sweaters and skirts. All of the items exemplify Barbara Walker’s fastidious knitting and imaginative eye for technical detail. Items are tagged with their names and Barbara G. Walker’s signature.

Schoolhouse Press will run three consecutive auctions during October and November, each with approximately 22 items and lasting ten days. Bidding is proxy style similar to auctions held on other prominent auction sites. Payment is through Paypal. Sign up for a Paypal Account.



The buzz about Barbara G. Walker's auction has begun, and many knitters have questions about the designs, patterns, and materials used, as well as the size and condition of the garments. Most of this information will be available at the time of the auction, listed in the details for each item, but we hope the general information below will help.

The basic shapes of most of the garments in the auction are from Barbara G. Walker's book Knitting from the Top. The stitch patterns and motifs are from Walker's Treasury Collection. Barbara has identified some of the patterns for us.

Barbara was unable to identify the materials used, but she worked with cotton, wool-blends, and synthetics regularly. The garments were knit by Barbara to wear herself; sizing ranges from 30-40 chest circumference on average. The skirt waists average about 25" around. All dimenensions will be listed along with each auction item.