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Norwegian Knitting Designs

—Annichen Sibbern Bøhn


This long out of print book is back. It includes the original traditional Norwegian knitting charts gathered by author Annichen Sibbern Bøhn during a journey through Norway and is supplemented by Terri Shea's tips on substituting charts into existing patterns and designing new projects using the symbolic meanings of folk (and modern) motifs. 80 pages. Softcover. $19.95


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Norwegian Handknits

—Sue Flanders and Janine Kosel


I simply melt when I encounter such a beautiful book, based upon traditional knitting. There are over 30 designs for mittens, socks, scarves, hats, wristers, handbags, snapsacks and sweaters. Plenty of photos and charts.Hardcover. $30

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Bohus Knitting DVD
—From Relief Work to World Success


A Swedish film company has just released a new DVD: Bohus Knitting - From Relief Work to World Success. It is devoted to the history of the halcyon 30-year period in the annals of hand knitting when women in Sweden's Bohuslän banded together to form a cottage industry and ended up producing world famous works of knitted art in the form of sweaters, hats, gloves, mittens and scarves. The DVD is beautifully done (with an English voice-over and sub-titles). I found it very moving to learn about individual women who had worked so hard to help their families and to see the extraordinarily beautiful knitting they produced. Wendy Keele's Poems of Color book is an excellent companion to the DVD.

58 minutes, $25.00











Poems of Color
—Wendy Keele

This important book has been in and out of print over the years. We consider it a must have knitting book and, to make it available, persuaded Interweave to re-publish a small quantity.

The Swedish Bohus Stickning period was a halcyon one in the history of knitting. Extraordinary designers were drawn to this cottage industry established by Austrian-born, Emma Jacobsen. Upon Emma's death, the collection of mesmerizing patterns were in danger of disappearing until Wendy Keele - making numerous trips to Sweden to meet with the remaining designers and with the founder's daughter - gathered together the original charts in this lovely book.

Bohus patterns are unlike any other traditional motifs; they are more like landscapes or impressionistic paintings, realized with very fine wool. Try one of the caps to begin with, and see how gratifying this type of knitting can be.

Softcover. $20


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Vatid, Troid, Vamsad-Knitted Jackets from West Estonian Islands
—Riina Tomberg


Even though the English translation is rudimentary, it is enlightening as we look at knitted garments from the West-Estonian Islands from 1880 to 1930. I love books of this kind, concentrating on traditional knitting with plenty of visuals. Many of the old b&w photographs may be familiar to you from other knitting-history books in your collection, but the new color photos of the Estonian garments are nearly all unknown to me. There are no instructions or charts, but a wealth of inspiration and information. Softcover,182pp. WAS $50, NOW $30




Invisible Threads
—Annemor Sundbø


A knitting book for anyone interested in culture and anyone who likes to knit. Invisible Threads uses knitting memories, the language of symbols, folk beliefs, and leftover yarns as the exciting means of traveling into the world of knitting techniques. There is magic in these patterns which conjure up all sorts of forms and figures just by using two needles and garter stitch. $58

Annemor Sundbo is the author of: Everyday Knitting: Treasures from a Rag Pile and Setesdal Sweaters: The History of the Norwegian Lice Pattern (below).






Two-End Knitting, A Traditional Scandinavian Technique also known as Twined Knitting. From Basics to new Refinements and Designs
—Anne-Maj Ling

One of the foremost experts on the subject of Two-End Knitting introduces us to aspects of this fascinating technique that were not even hinted at previously. You will see her very beautiful designs - some of which are knitted with two-colors: sweaters and skirts as well as stunning mittens, caps and stockings. Included you will find a very detailed instruction section with plenty of illustrations, plus 30 full-page charts.

This 2002 Swedish title was just translated into English by Carol Rhoades. Softcover. $23.50


Setesdal Sweaters, The History of the Norwegian Lice Pattern
—Annemor Sundbø

Scores of lovely garments and charts as well as being able easily to read the complete history of these universally-known traditional garments, the classic Norwegian Lice Jacket. Plenty of inspiring photographs and charts. Hardcover. $45


Traditional Scandinavian Knitting
—Sheila McGregor

Hooray! Reprinted. An excellent resource of charts and history. Softcover. $14.95