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Pattern format prices vary.

WG 88 Celtic Pillows

Some of these pillows are shown in the book, Knitting with Two Colors. A series of requests for the charts prompted this Wool Gathering topic. All six charts are taken from a wonderful book by Dutch artist, Co Spinnhoven, Celtic Charted Designs ($4.95; what a bargain).

WG 86 EZs Norwegian Trees

Elizabeth Zimmermann's Norwegian Tree design first appeared on the cover of McCall's magazine in 1959. This version is a variation on the original with a slightly modified dropped-shoulder style.

WG 85 Mitered Vest or Jacket

This vest is worked all in one piece; the body-from lower edge to underarms-is knitted first.

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WG 84 Ruffled Off-Center Faux Cardigan

This pullover (with faux side closing) is worked from the lower edge to wanted height to underarms, with or without a shaped waist. The version above has slight waist shaping.

WG 83 EZ's Lap-Shoulder Sweater

WG#83 features one of Elizabeth Zimmermann's yoke shapes from1971. Elizabeth's description of the design: "How about a totally new shoulder treatment for a circular seamless sweater? I call it the Lap-Shoulder Sweater because it continually laps over itself. The sleeve laps over the body, then the body laps over the sleeve; finally the back laps over the front."

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WG 82 Cully's Brick Pullovers

Garter stitch bands united to form a body precipitated this sweater form. The possibilities for patterns of "bricks" or blocks came to mind. Further ruminating and sketching led to a unified top, with sleeves and yoke all knitted cuff to cuff.


image for Delsbo Sweater

WG 81 The Delsbo Sweater is now in Pattern format

This lovely, historic sweater has been shown in a number of Scandinavian books and I have added my variations which include built-in-cardigan borders and modified drop-shoulder shape. I have included complete charts for body circumferences 33", 37", 41", 45" and 49".

image for Hats pattern booklet

WG 80 Hats is now in Pattern format

The Hats booklet contains 7 different designs from 4 different designers. Meg has included a Twisted-Stitch cap, the Albrecht Durer Tower Hat and a Circular Brioche Watch Cap. Eleanor offers a Garter-Band hat. Cully instructs on making his I-cord Lattice Hat. And, we've included two of EZ's designs: The Conch or Snail Hat and the Kliban Hat.

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image for Yoke Sweaters

WG 79 EZ's Yoke Sweaters is now in pattern format

The EZ yoke pattern features two yoke designs; one in Unspun Icelandic created from a chart found in Elizabeth's papers, and one in Shetland Jumperweight re-created from a photograph of EZ's daughter LLoie.

image for Schoolhouse Press jacket pattern

WG 78 EZ's Butterfly Vest is now in pattern format

EZ's Butterfly Jacket was first published in McCalls Needlework in 1956. Meg re-knitted the design in Ultra Alpaca and Unspun Icelandic, EZ's intitial article in McCall's was accompanied by her Ribwarmer and the manner of construction in each design is related. (We show the Butterfly being knitted on the new Ribwarmer DVD.)

WG 77 Double-V Vest

I call this design a Double-V Vest because there is also a V in the back; it is filled in and only exists to allow the front and back cables to meet at the shoulder tops. Here you may rise to the challenge of weaving a twisted-stitch cable to itself -- or not! The prototype was knitted in the new Wool/Alpaca blend (lovely) and, even though it is only half wool, I worked crocheted steeks at armholes and center-front. You may prefer to machine-stitch.

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WG 76 Guernsey Pullover

Knitted in the round to the underarms, then worked flat to the shoulders-eliminating the need to cut-this is a great project for both beginning and experienced knitters. Insert instructions include numbers for a child's and an adult's size.

WG 75 Child's Norwegian Cardigan

Inspired by a drawing in one of Jan Brett's books. The body is knitted in the round with armhole steeks for a slight Modified-Drop shape, and another steek at the base of the scooped neck.



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WG 71 Stylized Scribble

Circular construction; color-patterned body, plain sleeves with Latvian Braid. Prototype knitted in 2-ply Unspun Icelandic wool.




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WG 68 Straight-Drop Cardigan or Pullover

A circular tube from lower edge to base of neck; no armhole shaping. Choice of pattern motifs; choice of cardigan or pullover; 2-ply Sheepswool and Rangeley (same weight wools).

WG 67 Giant Latvian-Mitten Cardigan

Lovely motifs taken from Latvian mitten designs; Purl-When-You-Can lower edge and front border... knitted in one with sweater. Cuff-to-cuff, unbroken motif (but sleeves knitted from armholes). Three colors; Satakieli Wool; crocheted steeks.

WG 66 A Child's Fair Isle Vest

Knitted in the round from the lower edge. Steeked armholes and neck; I-Cord trim; Shetland Jumper-weight wool.

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WG 54 Fair Isle Vest

In pure Shetland Jumper-weight wool; corrugated rib, kangaroo-pouch armholes and neck, woven shoulders; traditional Fair Isle motifs. All aspects of this V-neck vest are shown on our dvd.




WG 53 Saddle Sleeve Jackets

Choose either plain stocking-stitch or Bavarian Twisted Stitch for the circular (steeked) body -- both with garter-stitch cuff-to-cuff sleeves/yoke. Many small techniques employed; Québécoise wool. Detailed video available.

WG 52 Faroe Islands Sweater

Three traditional Faroese motifs all used in one pullover. Slightly modified, circular drop-shoulder; sleeves knitted in; 2-ply Sheepswool.

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