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Schoolhouse Press—Wholesale 2012

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We invite you to view our latest wholesale patterns and books and offer you an additional 5% discount on any order placed before February 10th, 2012 (just mention the Wholesaler's Special Discount when you call in or fax your order.) View our Wholesale Catalog (or see attached pdf) for a complete list of patterns, books, dvds, wool and other wholesale products as well as ordering information.

Featured Book: Knitting with Two Colors by Meg Swansen and Amy Detjen

Knitting with Two Colors is a technique book packed with information about color knitting and using color motifs within patterns. It is a wonderful companion to the many color chart books and color design patterns available today, including Schoolhouse Press Patterns (SPPs). Includes new and traditional techniques for knitting with two colors and step-by-step guidance for designing one's own two-color sweater.

Favorite Companion Patterns: Snow Sky, Aspen Yoke, Delsbo Sweater




New Patterns: Doll Clothes, If I Could Fly, Sacred Trees


image for Doll Clothes pattern   image for If I Could Fly Faroese-Style Shawl pattern  image for Aspen Yoke pattern


New Books: Knit One Knit All, Spinning Around, Diagonal Knitting





Bestselling Patterns


Adult, Baby, Child's Surprise Jackets

image for Baby Surprise Jacket pattern


Butterfly Vest

image for Schoolhouse Press jacket pattern


Green Sweater

image for Elizabeth Zimmermann's Green Sweater Pattern


The Tomten Jacket

image for The Tomten pattern


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