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Wool Gathering

Elizabeth started Schoolhouse Press in 1958 with a one-page newsletter. In 1969, she expanded to the Wool Gathering print booklet. The most recent individual issue may be purchased on this page (below).

We have temporarily suspended three year subscriptions to Wool Gathering while we consider a format change. If you have a subscription beyond WG #90, please know that we are not abandoning WG, and issue #91 and #92 will be printed and mailed. If you wish to pre-order a mini-subscription of WG #91 and #92, see below; WG 91 will be sent immediately. WG 92 will arrive in the spring of 2015.

Back issues that remain in stock are also available. Back issues that are no longer available in Wool Gathering format are often turned into Schoolhouse Press Patterns.


Wool Gathering #91 (September 2014)




Details for Wool Gathering #91: Faroese Shawls

This classic and simple triangular garter stitch shawl, unique to the Faroe Islands, embraces a number of intriguing shaping details. The instructions include charts for two variations of a lace-diamond motif, and the two sample shawls knitted in two different wools: 23 colors from which to choose in Icelandic Laceweight and over 200 shades available in Jamieson Shetland Spindrift Jumperweight


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U.S. & Canada Mini-Subscription: Pre-Order WG 91 and 92, $8.50 ($4.25 per issue)



International Mini-Subscription: Pre-Order WG 91 and 92, $10.00 ($5.00 per issue)



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When Wool Gatherings become sold out, we re-print the original design in a 1-page leaflet called Spun Out, or, for WG78 and beyond as a Schoolhouse Press Pattern. Spun Out designs are $1.00 each ($3.00 for the Baby Surprise Jacket). Patterns are in color, 4 page format with expanded instructions, technique illustrations and sizing info. We try to keep all of our designs available in one form or another; missing numbers are designs that appear in books by Elizabeth Zimmermann and Meg Swansen.


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Samples of twelve types of wool, including Shetland Jumperweight picture card. $10

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