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  1. Einband


    Védís Jónsdóttir

    A lace booklet, in English, from the Icelandic woollen mill that provides our Unspun and our Laceweight Icelandic wools. There are photos and instructions for 8 lace designs: a dress, yoke- topped sweater, intriguing-looking large shawl, a pullover sweater, long fingerless gloves, triangular neck scarf and a long scarf. All the garments are from a leading Icelandic designer, Védis Jónsdottir, and are knitted in our Icelandic Laceweight wools. We are the exclusive U.S. distributor for this title. Softcover.

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  2. Estonian Sock Patterns All Around the World

    This new book by Aino Praakli, author of the wonderful Estonian Mitten book, has nearly 100 traditional sock patterns, many from the rich collection in the Estonian National Museum. Includes a fascinating section on the heritage of the beautiful Estonian sock-knitting tradition. Hardcover. Learn More
  3. Føroysk Bindingamynstur / Bundnaturriklæð with translation (Red cover)

    We call it The Faroe Shawl Book. We import this unique and historic hardcover book directly from the Faroe Islands. It is in Faroese, but a translation booklet (by Marilyn van Keppel) for all 19 shawls, is included. Originally published in 1983, the shawls were found in the islands by Elsa Baerentsenach. Each shawl carries the name of the woman who knitted it - or had owned the original shawl upon which the pattern is based. A schematic, chart and color photos accompany each design. The price includes both the book and translation. Learn More
  4. Føroysk Bindingarmynstur-Debes-Black Cover

    A romantic backstory to this wonderful work: A number of Faroese sweaters were on exhibit in Copenhagen in 1921 and Queen Alexandrine was enchanted by the color motifs. She thought it a shame that the word-of-mouth patterns might disappear and requested that they be collected into a book. The project was undertaken by Hans Debes and here it is - in its original form. We began to import this color-pattern book directly from the Faroe Islands in 1972. Unfortunately, it was unobtainable for many years in the U.S., but now it is available again, to our great delight. Hardcover. Learn More
  5. Fair Isle Knitting

    Traditional patterns from the Faroe Islands. Small-repeat color charts, usually knitted in natural unbleached sheepswool; cream, grey and blacksheep. Use in traditional Fair Isles, or anywhere else! Softcover. Learn More
  6. Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified

    Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified

    Ann and Eugene Bourgeois

    If you've ever dreamed of knitting Fair Isle sweaters, but have been intimidated, this is the book for you. An introduction with charming essays, followed by instruction on color-pattern knitting, steeking, sizing, color planning, changes, alterations and more. Plus, there are instructions for over a dozen sweaters in this richly photographed volume. Quite beautiful. Softcover. Learn More
  7. Felted Knits

    Felted Knits

    Bev Galaskas

    Felted Knits by Beverly Galeskas was one of the first books which dealt entirely with felted knitting - and is still one of the very best. As well as basic knitting techniques (including installing zippers), there are complete instructions on how to choose and test wools - sizing - hand or machine felting - and blocking. Bev's 46 imaginative designs for different projects include bags & totes, hats, mittens, vests, slippers (too adorable), pillows, placemats, coasters, and a hot-water-bottle-holder. Softcover. Learn More
  8. Folk Mittens

    Folk Mittens

    Marcia Lewandowski

    Out of stock

    Over 40 wonderful mittens from around the world. Marcia takes the reader from a basic mitten, through the amazing color patterns of Finnish, Greek, Baltic, Andean and many, many more. A true international adventure. With a complete technical section and thorough charts and directions. Softcover. Learn More
  9. Folk Shawls

    Folk Shawls

    Cheryl Oberle

    25 elegant shawls, several of which use our traditional Icelandic Laceweight and UnSpun wools. All the shawls modeled by the beautiful author. Softcover. Learn More
  10. A Gathering of Lace

    Collected by master knitter Meg Swansen (who also contributes). 34 North American lace designers are featured in this now classic book, including: Norah Gaughan, Sally Melville, and Elizabeth Zimmermann. Softcover. Note: Our UnSpun Icelandic wool is used for the cover shawl by Marilyn van Keppel. Learn More

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