Arans, Guernseys & Fair Isles

Arans, Guernseys & Fair Isles

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  1. Meadow


    Marie Wallin

    From Marie Wallin: "MEADOW is a collection of seven beautiful Fair Isle and textured stitch designs inspired by the romantic and peaceful landscapes of Britain's spring meadows. The designs in the MEADOW collection are largely inspired by traditional Fair Isle patterns and ornamental design. Many of the shapes are more contemporary in look and styling with some of them being easy to change to a different colour, if so desired." Designs use Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift wool. 2019. Softcover. $36.95

    Learn More
  2. Knitting Ganseys

    Knitting Ganseys

    Beth Brown Reinsel

    We have carried this wonderful book since its inception in 1993. Now, after a few years absence it has returned in a beautiful new hardcover format, completely revised and updated. Detailed historical background, plus Beth’s original concept of knitting a small Gansey (which includes each and every technique as you follow the chapter-progression), is maintained, and is accompanied by many more choices as you work through these classic garments. Chapter 12 provides full details for you to knit nine different garments: from classic pullovers to the stunning tunic/dress shown at left. Hardcover. Learn More
  3. Norah Gaughan's Knitted Cable Sourcebook

    A Breakthrough Guide to Knitting with Cables and Designing Your Own. I have admired Norah Gaughan's designs for decades, and think of her as the Queen of Cables. This book presents 150 of them - each with a photo, chart, and verbal instructions - as well as 15 of the author's imaginative designs for pullovers and hats, plus a cardigan, skirt, afghan, poncho, vest, scarf, and wrap. Most of the cables are original to the wondrous author. Hardcover. 275pp. Learn More
  4. Knitting With Two Colors

    Knitting With Two Colors

    Meg Swansen and Amy Detjen

    An extremely thorough and comprehensive reference book. A guide for those new to 2-color knitting, as well as an excellent source of advanced techniques for experienced knitters, including methods developed by Elizabeth Zimmermann, Meg Swansen, Amy Detjen, Joyce Williams, Janine Bajus, and Cully Swansen. An essential companion for the multitude of color patterns and color charts available in our knitting world. You will find extensive instructions for custom sizing and centering patterns, as well as step by step directions to help you design and knit multiple styles of 2-color garments. Detailed photos and examples throughout. Softcover. Learn More
  5. Knitting Tams: Charted Fair Isle Designs

    Mary is a magician - mixing patterns and colors to create beautiful, functional works of art. All seventeen of the new tams in the booklet feature comprehensive charts - we think you’ll love knitting these wonderful little jewels. You can play with Fair Isle patterns and colors without having to commit to an entire sweater. Most of the tams are knit in the beautiful Shetland Spindrift, available in over 200 sparkling colors. Includes 2 larger tams in our Regal and Quebecoise wools. Learn More
  6. Cornish Guernsey's & Knit-frocks

    I have knitted many Guernseys using patterns from this dear book; the Polperro Musician being one of my faves. And isn't the cover photo of the patient knitter, waiting for the ships to return, most touching? You will find 30 Gansey charts, plus a complete history of Cornish knitting, and instructions for classic garments (into which you can knit the stitch-pattern of your choice). Scores of wonderful old photos. Softcover. Learn More
  7. Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified

    Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified

    Ann and Eugene Bourgeois

    If you've ever dreamed of knitting Fair Isle sweaters, but have been intimidated, this is the book for you. An introduction with charming essays, followed by instruction on color-pattern knitting, steeking, sizing, color planning, changes, alterations and more. Plus, there are instructions for over a dozen sweaters in this richly photographed volume. Quite beautiful. Softcover. Learn More
  8. Simply Shetland 3

    Simply Shetland 3

    Unicorn Books

    More classic Shetland designs from this remarkable series - collect them all! Learn More
  9. Traditional Fair Isle Knitting

    This is an altogether wonderful book containing historical and technical information, inspiring photos of traditional garments, and - almost the best part - 900 traditional Fair Isle charts, which are arranged according to height. So, if searching for a chart to fit a specific yoke segment, just dial up the motifs that have the appropriate number of rows-- indispensable for designers. Softcover. Learn More
  10. Travel Logs

    Travel Logs

    Ron Schweitzer

    One in a series of four Fair Isle books each containing complete instructions for nine dazzling all-over patterns knitted in Shetland wool. An amazing collection of vests and sweaters (cardigans and pullovers). Softcover. Learn More

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