Hand-Knitting Disciplines

Hand-Knitting Disciplines

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  1. Making Marls

    Making Marls

    Cecelia Campochiaro

    Making Marls is a ground-breaking, lushly illustrated, and beautifully made book about multistrand handknitting and the creation of marled fabrics. The technique is as simple as knitting multiple strands of yarn together. With this approach, any knitter can invent a vast number of textured and colored fabrics. As with her first book, Sequence Knitting, author Cecelia Campochiaro takes a systematic look at a subject that has been hiding in plain sight for centuries. In Making Marls, the word “sequence” is used to describe the order of marl stripes, rather than the stitch sequences in Sequence Knitting. There are common-strand sequences, bridging sequences, sequences from gradient sets, complex sequences, and even improvisational sequences. The book can be approached on three levels: • A reference book about multistrand handknitting • A pattern book with over thirty “recipes” • A source book for designers and knitters who want to work with many colors Regardless of whether one is new to knitting or a seasoned expert, this book will delight and inspire. Published in 2020.

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  2. Two-End Knitting

    Two-End Knitting

    Anne-Maj Ling

    Two-End Knitting is a Traditional Scandinavian Technique also known as Twined Knitting. One of the foremost experts on the subject of Two-End Knitting introduces us to aspects of this fascinating technique from basics to new refinements that were not even hinted at previously. You will see her very beautiful designs - some of which are knitted with two-colors: sweaters and skirts as well as stunning mittens, caps and stockings. Includes a very detailed instruction section with plenty of illustrations, plus 30 full-page charts. Softcover. Learn More
  3. Twisted-Stitch Knitting

    Twisted-Stitch Knitting

    Maria Erlbacher

    A classic trio of Austrian books (originally titled, Überlieferte Strickmuster) is now in English and amalgamated (by us) into one volume; Featuring 174 clearly charted twisted-stitch designs plus instructions for a number of jackets/cardigans, vests and elegant stockings with separate motifs in the calf-shaping. The technique section was augmented for easier comprehension. What a treat. 208pp. Softcover. Learn More
  4. Double Knitting: Reversible Two-Color Designs

    The fascinating technique of Double-Knitting (which produces a two-faced, negative-image fabric) has been simplified by the author to enable you to work both sides in a single pass. M'Lou's stunning designs for coats, jackets, and shawls are all accessible through detailed charts as well as written out instructions. An extensive technique section and a chapter of assorted practice items will help you to fall into the rhythm of this increasingly popular type of hand knitting. Softcover. Learn More
  5. Armenian Knitting & Free Bowknot Pattern

    Armenian Knitting & Free Bowknot Pattern

    Joyce Williams and Meg Swansen

    Click to download the free Bowknot Sweater Pattern  Armenian Knitting is a marvelous technique in which the motif color is carried throughout the plain part of the garment (trapped across the back) until it is needed. Made famous in the US by Elsa Schiaparelli's Bowknot sweater (free pattern link above), the authors have taken this technique to a whole new level, featuring designs such as Joyce's Knit/Purl pullover, Olive Branch, and Lily Jacket, and Meg's two versions of a Monarch pullover. They get you started with three hats for practice. Innovative garment shaping; all techniques described fully including three choices of how to trap. Hardcover.

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  6. Diagonal Knitting

    Diagonal Knitting

    Katharine Cobey

    I have long admired this remarkable and innovative knitter, teacher and sculptor. Her imagination and intelligence ooze from the pages of this new book. Follow Katharine's guidance for simple knitting techniques and shaping insights to knit your own unique garments - from dramatic and splendid coats, to sweaters, scarves, shawls, etc; all diagonal and seamless. The power of some of Katharine's gallery installations in the final chapter bring me to tears. Softcover. Learn More
  7. Traditional Scandinavian Knitting

    Hooray! Reprinted. An excellent resource of charts and history, by this master of the form. Softcover. Learn More
  8. Traditional Fair Isle Knitting

    This is an altogether wonderful book containing historical and technical information, inspiring photos of traditional garments, and - almost the best part - 900 traditional Fair Isle charts, which are arranged according to height. So, if searching for a chart to fit a specific yoke segment, just dial up the motifs that have the appropriate number of rows-- indispensable for designers. Softcover. Learn More

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