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  1. Norwegian Handknits

    Norwegian Handknits

    Sue Flanders and Janine Kosel

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    I simply melt when I encounter such a beautiful book, based upon traditional knitting. There are over 30 designs for mittens, socks, scarves, hats, wristers, handbags, snapsacks and sweaters. Plenty of photos and charts. Hardcover. Learn More
  2. Celtic Charted Designs

    Celtic Charted Designs

    Co Spinhoven
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    386 Celtic charts. Most are knittable. Great fun! Softcover. Learn More
  3. Traditional Scandinavian Knitting

    Hooray! Reprinted. An excellent resource of charts and history, by this master of the form. Softcover. Learn More
  4. Handknits from Norway

    Handknits from Norway

    Karen Marie Vinje

    Classic Norwegian Motifs in Modern Knitting Patterns for Women and Men. Oh, what a pleasure to see all these dear old friends. In order of appearance: Setesdal, Marius, Fana, Veldres, Telemark, Selbu, Trønder, and Snowflake. Plus the official 2011 Olympic sweater from Dale. The publisher doesn't list the number of patterns, but I diligently counted them all... 25 sweaters, 11 hats, 14 mittens and gloves, 7 socks and stockings, 4 tunics, 4 scarves, 1 cape/poncho,3 dresses, 1 bag and 1 vest. Crystal clear charts and all in a lovely hardcover edition.

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  5. Viking Knits & Ancient Ornaments

    What a wonderful boon for hand-knitters. This astonishing knitter/designer has compiled a wealth of intricate, free-standing Viking symbols and gives detailed instructions for the motifs with plenty of drawings and photographs. THEN she works them into 20 beautifully designed garments. I became an ardent fan of Lavold's with the 1998 publication of her first book, Viking Patterns for Knitting, and now she has surpassed herself in this gorgeous book. 191 pages. Hardcover.

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  6. Poems of Color

    Poems of Color

    Wendy Keele

    We consider this a must have knitting book. The Swedish Bohus Stickning period was a halcyon one in the history of knitting. Extraordinary designers were drawn to this cottage industry established by Austrian-born, Emma Jacobsen. Upon Emma's death, the collection of mesmerizing patterns were in danger of disappearing until Wendy Keele - making numerous trips to Sweden to meet with the remaining designers and with the founder's daughter - gathered together the original charts in this lovely book. Bohus patterns are unlike any other traditional motifs; they are more like landscapes or impressionistic paintings, realized with very fine wool. Try one of the caps to begin with, and see how gratifying this type of knitting can be. Softcover. Learn More
  7. Latvian Mittens

    Latvian Mittens

    Lizbeth Upitis

    Lizbeth Upitis is truly a master knitter, and Schoolhouse Press is proud to publish this book of extraordinarily beautiful traditional Latvian mittens, with color photographs of 92 mittens and 125 charts. Lizbeth includes instructions for five specific mittens. Her detailed technical instructions and drawings enable us to duplicate the esoteric fringe-cast-on, scalloped cuffs, Latvian braid, and other techniques that are specific to these classic designs. Instructions are provided for the following mittens: - A child's-sized mitten from Latgale, with a fringe cast on. - A woman's medium-sized mitten with a scalloped lower edge, from Kurzeme (the only district knitting this type of cuff). - A medium-sized mitten from Latgale with many bands of braid around the cuff. - A man's mitten from Vidzeme with a fringed lower edge. - And a women's fully-lined mitten from Zemgale. The significance of mittens in the Latvian culture is profound, and the historical details of the importance of mittens in marriage rites, plus the knitting songs (daina) provided by the author, are both fascinating and touching. Softcover. In both Latvian and English. Learn More
  8. In the Footsteps of Sheep Streaming Audiobook

    Listen to author Debbie Zawinski read aloud her fascinating tales of travelling and camping throughout Scotland, finding cast off tufts of wool from 10 Scottish sheep breeds to spin and knit into socks. Debbie's lyrical British accent enhances her captivating prose about her journey; the hills, shorelines, and bogs explored; the sheep and people she met along the way; weather both foul and fair, and a particularly exciting chapter about the intriguing St Kilda archipelago and its feral Soay and Boreray sheep. You will feel you are traveling right alongside her. Listen to a clip from the introduction to the book.

    If you wish to purchase the physical book (gorgeous photographs and sock knitting patterns included) and the streaming audiobook (audio files available for listening in your account, not a physical product) for a discount, go to In the Footsteps of Sheep--Book and Audio.

    This product is streaming, accessible through your account to listen to when you have a wi-fi connection. Learn More
  9. Triangular Knitted Shawls

    Estonians keep outdoing themselves in the realm of hand-knitting books. Here is their latest beauty: Triangular Knitted Shawls by Siiri Reimann. An accumulation of six years of work from this extraordinary designer showcases 21 different Haapsalu shawls, along with unique photographs and technical instructions. The stitch patterns and edgings for each shawl are pictured and charted in the hardcover book, but you also receive an accompanying portfolio that includes enormous fold-out charts for each entire shawl! Hc book + pb portfolio Learn More
  10. Twisted-Stitch Knitting

    Twisted-Stitch Knitting

    Maria Erlbacher

    A classic trio of Austrian books (originally titled, Überlieferte Strickmuster) is now in English and amalgamated (by us) into one volume; Featuring 174 clearly charted twisted-stitch designs plus instructions for a number of jackets/cardigans, vests and elegant stockings with separate motifs in the calf-shaping. The technique section was augmented for easier comprehension. What a treat. 208pp. Softcover. Learn More

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