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  1. Estonian Knitting 2, Socks and Stockings

    Here is another simply splendid knitting book from Estonia, recently translated into English, and now on its way to Schoolhouse Press. Estonian Knitting 2, Socks and Stockings by Anu Pink, is in the same mode as Estonian Knitting 1, Traditions & Techniques: It is a beautifully bound hardcover edition, with quality coated stock; excellent historical information; photo-heavy; precise instructions, charts, photos, and illustrations…and nearly 100 more pages than book 1. A thorough covering of the myriad types of traditional socks and stockings in this country, including a dozen methods to turn a heel; various toe shaping; lovely color charts; scores of unique techniques. It is staggering to imagine the amount of time and skill involved in assembling this beautiful tome. Hardcover, 9x12”, 384pp, $87.00

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  2. Faroe Island Knitting

    Faroe Island Knitting

    Svanhild Strom and Marjun Biskopsto

    Over 30 Traditional Motifs and 25 projects from the North Atlantic, Svanhild Strom and Marjun Biskopsto (mother/daughter knitters). The subtitle describes the contents, and you will be captivated by the wonderful sweaters and stunning photography of the unique landscapes of the Faroe Islands. In English. Hardcover. (P.S. If there are any homesick Faroese knitters reading this, we still have some original-language hardcover copies, now discounted to $19.)

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  3. Traditional Danish Sweaters

  4. Selbu Mittens - Pre-order

    Selbu Mittens - Pre-order

    Anne Bårdsgård
    On Backorder

    This extraordinary book is now in English, thanks to Carol Rhoades. You will be staggered by variety of charts offered. Historically there is one motif for the cuff, another for the thumb gusset, then a thumb designs, a palm pattern, plus the main motif for the back of the hand. And for that narrow 3 to 5 stitch vertical divider between palm and back, there are no fewer than 60 different charts from which to choose. Hardcover, 296 pp. Published in English, 2019. Expected shipping in November, 2019. Learn More
  5. In the Footsteps of Sheep

    In the Footsteps of Sheep

    Debbie Zawinski

    From $19.95

     In the Footsteps of Sheep: Tales of a Journey Through Scotland, Walking, Spinning, and Knitting Socks captivated us from the first glance at its striking photographs and the author's beguiling prose. In the Footsteps of Sheep details the completion of a mission the author, Debbie Zawinski, a Welsh-born Scot, set for herself: to travel and camp throughout Scotland, find cast off tufts of wool from 10 Scottish sheep breeds, then spin the wool on her spinning stick while walking (or waiting for ferries), and finally design and knit one pair of socks to represent each breed...all the while writing about her adventures and taking plenty of photographs. Debbie has written beautifully about her journey; the hills, shorelines, and bogs explored; the sheep and people she met along the way; weather both foul and fair, and a particularly exciting chapter about the intriguing St Kilda archipelago and its feral Soay and Boreray sheep.

    The eleven sock patterns, one at the end of each chapter, are a bonus and, for those of us unable to gather and spin our own fleece (!), all were test-knitted with commercial wools. Ten of the patterns represent the different sheep breeds from which Debbie gathered her fleece, and the eleventh combines fleece from all ten breeds into one sock. The designs are knitted from top to toe with different motifs, among them color-patterns, cables, spirals, stripes, Kilt Hose with top-turnovers, and a pair of baby booties. 192 pages, Softcover. (Note to International Customers: I Knit London is a U.K. source and Gemini Fibres is a Canadian source. You may find lower shipping costs by purchasing through suppliers closer to you.)

    From In the Footsteps of Sheep: "Here there are no barbed wire fences, no roads, no gates with stiff spring catches; this is a land of heather, moorland grasses and sphagnum moss. The sheep and I can walk anywhere, uninterrupted. The upper moorlands of a hill top world like this are wastelands for some, fit only for wind turbines, but I feel free in a way I can experience nowhere else."

    From Felicity Ford, author of Knitsonik: "In the Footsteps of Sheep arrived  this morning and you should know that I actually cried for joy just now when I looked through it. What a thoroughly gorgeous and glorious tome, full of sheep and landscapes and knitting with a deeply embedded sense of place. I shall savour every page."

    Available as a print book $26.95; add the streaming audio for $10 (discount is applied in the cart) or purchase the streaming audio on its own for $19.95. Streaming audio is not a physical product; it is streamed through audio files that are placed in your account for you.

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  6. Shetland


    Marie Wallin

    Marie Wallin’s beautiful collection, Shetland, gives us 12 new designs: pullovers, cardigans, caps and scarves - dramatically photographed in the Shetland islands. The garments all call for ‘our’ Shetland Spindrift wool. Learn More

  7. Alice Starmore's Glamourie

    A new work from this exceptional designer is cause for celebration. The title means ‘magic’ and the garments/costumes are designed and knitted to illustrate Scottish and Gaelic legends and folklore. The stories will be presented along with illustrative knitted garments. Hardcover. Learn More
  8. Faerøsk Strikkebog

    Faerøsk Strikkebog

    Svanhild Strøm & Marjun Biskopstø

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    We call it The Faroese Knitting Book. When I first saw this book, I gasped audibly. Not only are we given beautiful sweaters, but they are shown to us in spectacular photos of the Faroese landscape. There are just over two dozen designs, written in Danish. Luckily numbers and charts transcend the language barrier and, with knowledge of your gauge plus EPS (Elizabeth’s Percentage System), the patterns are accessible. Hardcover, 125pp. Written in Danish; numbers and charts are accessible to English-speaking knitters.The Danish version is discounted, and the English version is available now.Go to the English version .

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  9. A Shetlander's Fair Isle Graph Book in Colour

    From the Shetland Guild of Spinners, Knitters, Weavers, and Dyers. Through this unique book, knitters are presented with a wealth of hand-drawn color-pattern charts, both Fair Isle and Norwegian. The archival pages (from the 1930s and 1940s) are reproduced from two journals which were used by Shetland knitters who worked for Anderson & Co. The charts are a product of their time; I was fascinated to find, rather than little colored dots in each grid-square, occasional areas of a single color sketched in as one block in crayon. Both the charts and the employment of color are "...classic, authentic Shetland Fair Isle patterns and colourways." Looking at the charts, I imagine I am seeing the motifs directly through the Fair Isle knitter's eye. Lovely! Softcover. Learn More
  10. Estonian Knitting 1, Traditions & Techniques

    Estonian Knitting 1, Traditions & Techniques

    Anu Pink, Siiri Reimann, Kristi Jöeste

    This exceptionally beautiful book begins with Estonian knitting (and nålbinding) history and shows museum items from the 18th and 19th centuries: leg warmers, stockings, mittens & gloves, jackets & jumpers, underwear, caps, shawls & scarves. Tools & Materials is the next chapter, providing color palettes used by eleven Estonian districts. Techniques offers an extensive verbal and visual treatise on over 20 subjects. The numerous varieties of twisted-braids alone may stagger you, along with color pattern charts, photos and charts for scores of texture patterns; increases and decreases, eyelets and travelling stitches, brioche and lace, slip stitch and entrelac, short rows and fringes, cables and nupps! Everything...And it is in English. Hardcover. 300pp. Learn More

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