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  1. Mosaic Knitting

    Mosaic Knitting

    Barbara G. Walker

    This unique and splendid book is back! Mosaic Knitting was originally published in 1976, then it languished out-of-print for two decades until Schoolhouse Press reprinted it in 1997 -- with the addition of 116 brand-new Magic Mosaics (rotationally symmetric designs) Barbara had come up with in the interim. Softcover, a total of 380 charts. Learn More
  2. Unexpected Knitting

    Unexpected Knitting

    Debbie New

    Debbie New is, arguably, the most inventive knitting designer of her generation. While reading, you may be stunned, enchanted, inspired and encouraged all at the same time. Leap right in at the beginning with Swatchless Knitting and follow the progression through Free Form Knitting, Scribble Lace, Swirl, Sculptural, Virtual, Cellular Automaton, Ouroborus and Labyrinth knitting. This book is sure to expand your thinking and broaden the horizons of what you thought possible. Includes a full range of designs from practical socks, sweaters and vests, to galleries of mind-bending abstract forms - even a functioning knitted coracle! With an extensive technical section. Hardcover. Learn More
  3. Spinning Around: Spinning, Dyeing & Knitting Elizabeth Zimmermann's Classics

    Master spinner/dyer/knitter, Jeannine Bakriges worked for years to compile this beautiful and informative book which includes extensive technical information on spinning, notes on natural and solar dyeing, and a tutorial on how to set up a your own dye studio. Plus, included are classic knitting patterns by Elizabeth Zimmermann and Meg Swanse, such as: Sock-Toe Scarf, Halter Top, I-cord Gloves and Hat, Knit-Stitch Pullover, Very Warm Hat, 3-Cornered German Shawl, and Circular Brioche Watch Cap, to name just a few. From fleece to knitted garment, Spinning Around is an incredible journey. Softcover. Learn More
  4. Two-End Knitting

    Two-End Knitting

    Anne-Maj Ling

    Two-End Knitting is a Traditional Scandinavian Technique also known as Twined Knitting. One of the foremost experts on the subject of Two-End Knitting introduces us to aspects of this fascinating technique from basics to new refinements that were not even hinted at previously. You will see her very beautiful designs - some of which are knitted with two-colors: sweaters and skirts as well as stunning mittens, caps and stockings. Includes a very detailed instruction section with plenty of illustrations, plus 30 full-page charts. Softcover. Learn More
  5. The Opinionated Knitter

    The Opinionated Knitter

    Elizabeth Zimmermann

    Includes all of Elizabeth's original Newsletter designs, published between 1958 and 1968, as well as 15 previously unpublished stories discovered in Elizabeth's files and journals There are 45 designs in all, presented both in their original format, as well as with updated and expanded sections from her daughter, master knitter and designer, Meg Swansen. Includes a tribute to Elizabeth's life-altering effect on countless knitters through the years. Hardcover. Learn More
  6. Latvian Mittens

    Latvian Mittens

    Lizbeth Upitis

    Lizbeth Upitis is truly a master knitter, and Schoolhouse Press is proud to publish this book of extraordinarily beautiful traditional Latvian mittens, with color photographs of 92 mittens and 125 charts. Lizbeth includes instructions for five specific mittens. Her detailed technical instructions and drawings enable us to duplicate the esoteric fringe-cast-on, scalloped cuffs, Latvian braid, and other techniques that are specific to these classic designs. Instructions are provided for the following mittens: - A child's-sized mitten from Latgale, with a fringe cast on. - A woman's medium-sized mitten with a scalloped lower edge, from Kurzeme (the only district knitting this type of cuff). - A medium-sized mitten from Latgale with many bands of braid around the cuff. - A man's mitten from Vidzeme with a fringed lower edge. - And a women's fully-lined mitten from Zemgale. The significance of mittens in the Latvian culture is profound, and the historical details of the importance of mittens in marriage rites, plus the knitting songs (daina) provided by the author, are both fascinating and touching. Softcover. In both Latvian and English. Learn More
  7. Knitting Tams: Charted Fair Isle Designs

    Mary is a magician - mixing patterns and colors to create beautiful, functional works of art. All seventeen of the new tams in the booklet feature comprehensive charts - we think you’ll love knitting these wonderful little jewels. You can play with Fair Isle patterns and colors without having to commit to an entire sweater. Most of the tams are knit in the beautiful Shetland Spindrift, available in over 200 sparkling colors. Includes 2 larger tams in our Regal and Quebecoise wools. Learn More
  8. Knitting With Two Colors

    Knitting With Two Colors

    Meg Swansen and Amy Detjen

    An extremely thorough and comprehensive reference book. A guide for those new to 2-color knitting, as well as an excellent source of advanced techniques for experienced knitters, including methods developed by Elizabeth Zimmermann, Meg Swansen, Amy Detjen, Joyce Williams, Janine Bajus, and Cully Swansen. An essential companion for the multitude of color patterns and color charts available in our knitting world. You will find extensive instructions for custom sizing and centering patterns, as well as step by step directions to help you design and knit multiple styles of 2-color garments. Detailed photos and examples throughout. Softcover. Learn More
  9. Handknitting with Meg Swansen

    A consistently popular little gem, compiling seven of Meg Swansen's Wool Gathering designs. Many of her favorites are featured, including the Spiral Yoke and I-Cord Gloves. All of the items have an accompanying DVD or streaming video (sold separately - see our video section). Softcover.

    Learn More
  10. Fourth Treasury of Knitting Patterns

    More inspiration, patterns and techniques from the legendary author. The latest Barbara Walker Knitting Treasury combines 82 newly-invented stitch patterns in Knit, Purl and Texture, Cables and Traveling Stitches, Lace and more, with a reprint of Walker’s Sampler Knitting including stitch patterns for Basic Shapes in Garter Stitch, Mosaic, Lace and Cable Samplers. Softcover. A Fourth Treasury of Knitting Patterns may also be purchased as part of the Treasury set with a 10% discount on all four titles. Learn More

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