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  1. Selbu Mittens

    Selbu Mittens

    Anne Bårdsgård
    On Backorder

    This extraordinary book is now in English, thanks to Carol Rhoades. You will be staggered by variety of charts offered. Historically there is one motif for the cuff, another for the thumb gusset, then a thumb designs, a palm pattern, plus the main motif for the back of the hand. And for that narrow 3 to 5 stitch vertical divider between palm and back, there are no fewer than 60 different charts from which to choose. Hardcover, 296 pp. Published in English, 2019. Learn More
  2. Estonian Knitting 2, Socks and Stockings

    Here is another simply splendid knitting book from Estonia, recently translated into English, and now on its way to Schoolhouse Press. Estonian Knitting 2, Socks and Stockings by Anu Pink, is in the same mode as Estonian Knitting 1, Traditions & Techniques: It is a beautifully bound hardcover edition, with quality coated stock; excellent historical information; photo-heavy; precise instructions, charts, photos, and illustrations…and nearly 100 more pages than book 1. A thorough covering of the myriad types of traditional socks and stockings in this country, including a dozen methods to turn a heel; various toe shaping; lovely color charts; scores of unique techniques. It is staggering to imagine the amount of time and skill involved in assembling this beautiful tome. Hardcover, 9x12”, 384pp, $87.00

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  3. Saltwater Mittens

    Saltwater Mittens

    Christine LeGrow and Shirley A. Scott

    From the Island of Newfoundland, More than 20 Heritage Designs to Knit. Woolen mittens have long been a Newfoundlander’s best friend. In a quirky climate of freeze, thaw, blow, and drizzle, good mittens made all tasks easier—to split birch, hammer a nail, gut a fish, draw water, hang clothes, or snare a rabbit. Social life, too, always required the finest mittens and gloves. These mittens are as practical as they are beautiful—double-knit with two colours means twice the warmth and wind resistance. The patterns are rated by difficulty and varied in style, including wristers, gloves, thumbless mitts for babies, and of course classic mittens for all. The dozens of colour photographs will inspire you to make your own bold colour choices. Plus, the nuggets of history, and tales of mittens and their knitters, make this a book everyone can enjoy. The two authors have been collecting, knitting, and studying Newfoundland mittens for the past 40 years, and have expertly and painstakingly recreated these heritage patterns with detailed instructions. Learn More
  4. Jorid Linvik's Big Book of Knitted Socks

    As a companion to her very imaginative and popular Big Book of Knitted Mittens, Jorid Linvik now offers us 45 wonderful new sock patterns in a similar mode. From simple and utilitarian basic socks, to stunning and classic Scandinavian motifs, to flowers and geometric designs, to wacky and unique animals (panda bears, cows, ladybugs, etc). All sizes are accommodated, including garter-stitch baby booties. Hardcover. Learn More
  5. The Complete Surprise: Knitting Elizabeth Zimmermann's Surprise Jacket

    From $19.95

    The Complete Surprise book by Cully Swansen is truly a complete guide to Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Surprise Jacket - filled to the brim with exciting projects for absolute beginner to experienced knitter! Most people learn to knit by making a simple scarf. The Complete Surprise uses this approach, with a twist: New knitters start with Cully's Surprise Scarf, knit with a unique shape and incorporating all the basic knitting techniques needed to make Elizabeth Zimmermann’s iconic Baby Surprise Jacket. Move from the Scarf to the Baby Surprise Jacket and knit one of the most popular knitting designs ever, with a wealth of optional variations. Add colors when and where you like, to create a one-of-a-kind look. Next try the brand-new variations: Surprise Dress, Surprise Bolero, and Surprise Snuggle Suit, along with the classic EZ Surprise Bootees and Surprise Bonnet.

    Plus, with Cully's revolutionary analysis of EZ’s design and new approach to sizing, the book enables you to knit a Jacket of any size (Adult, Baby or Child) that is custom fit (in body circumference, body length, sleeve depth and sleeve length) using the wool, needles and gauge of your choice! Advanced knitters can incorporate new options from a curved neck to waist shaping, and the colorful Circular Stranded Surprise Jacket is covered in detail. 104 pages. Softcover.

    Add the EZ Knitting Calculator for Surprise Jackets. You choose the dimensions and gauge you want and the Calculator generates row-by-row instructions for a baby, child, or adult Surprise Jacket. The calculator is a digital product, accessible through your account with downloadable instructions.

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  6. Lithuanian Knitting

    Lithuanian Knitting

    Donna Druchunas and June Hall

    These two knitters each had a strong tie to Lithuania and their book celebrates the history and culture of that country. After a 7-year research period which included annual trips to Lithuania, they produced this wonderful book. 14 mittens and gloves (choose ‘fringe’ or ‘Bulgarian’ cast-on), 10 socks and stockings (choose Lithuanian, garter-stitch, or T-heels), and several beaded wristers. 225 pages. Hardcover. Learn More
  7. In the Footsteps of Sheep

    In the Footsteps of Sheep

    Debbie Zawinski

    From $19.95

     In the Footsteps of Sheep: Tales of a Journey Through Scotland, Walking, Spinning, and Knitting Socks captivated us from the first glance at its striking photographs and the author's beguiling prose. In the Footsteps of Sheep details the completion of a mission the author, Debbie Zawinski, a Welsh-born Scot, set for herself: to travel and camp throughout Scotland, find cast off tufts of wool from 10 Scottish sheep breeds, then spin the wool on her spinning stick while walking (or waiting for ferries), and finally design and knit one pair of socks to represent each breed...all the while writing about her adventures and taking plenty of photographs. Debbie has written beautifully about her journey; the hills, shorelines, and bogs explored; the sheep and people she met along the way; weather both foul and fair, and a particularly exciting chapter about the intriguing St Kilda archipelago and its feral Soay and Boreray sheep.

    The eleven sock patterns, one at the end of each chapter, are a bonus and, for those of us unable to gather and spin our own fleece (!), all were test-knitted with commercial wools. Ten of the patterns represent the different sheep breeds from which Debbie gathered her fleece, and the eleventh combines fleece from all ten breeds into one sock. The designs are knitted from top to toe with different motifs, among them color-patterns, cables, spirals, stripes, Kilt Hose with top-turnovers, and a pair of baby booties. 192 pages, Softcover. (Note to International Customers: I Knit London is a U.K. source and Gemini Fibres is a Canadian source. You may find lower shipping costs by purchasing through suppliers closer to you.)

    From In the Footsteps of Sheep: "Here there are no barbed wire fences, no roads, no gates with stiff spring catches; this is a land of heather, moorland grasses and sphagnum moss. The sheep and I can walk anywhere, uninterrupted. The upper moorlands of a hill top world like this are wastelands for some, fit only for wind turbines, but I feel free in a way I can experience nowhere else."

    From Felicity Ford, author of Knitsonik: "In the Footsteps of Sheep arrived  this morning and you should know that I actually cried for joy just now when I looked through it. What a thoroughly gorgeous and glorious tome, full of sheep and landscapes and knitting with a deeply embedded sense of place. I shall savour every page."

    Available as a print book $26.95; add the streaming audio for $10 (discount is applied in the cart) or purchase the streaming audio on its own for $19.95. Streaming audio is not a physical product; it is streamed through audio files that are placed in your account for you.

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  8. Favorite Mittens

    Favorite Mittens

    Robin Hansen

    Favorite Mittens is comprised of traditional mitten patterns from Robin Hansen's two popular books (Fox & Geese & Fences and Flying Geese & Partridge) written in a new, step-by-step format. Softcover. Learn More
  9. Knitting Tams: Charted Fair Isle Designs

    Mary is a magician - mixing patterns and colors to create beautiful, functional works of art. All seventeen of the new tams in the booklet feature comprehensive charts - we think you’ll love knitting these wonderful little jewels. You can play with Fair Isle patterns and colors without having to commit to an entire sweater. Most of the tams are knit in the beautiful Shetland Spindrift, available in over 200 sparkling colors. Includes 2 larger tams in our Regal and Quebecoise wools. Learn More
  10. Latvian Mittens

    Latvian Mittens

    Lizbeth Upitis

    Lizbeth Upitis is truly a master knitter, and Schoolhouse Press is proud to publish this book of extraordinarily beautiful traditional Latvian mittens, with color photographs of 92 mittens and 125 charts. Lizbeth includes instructions for five specific mittens. Her detailed technical instructions and drawings enable us to duplicate the esoteric fringe-cast-on, scalloped cuffs, Latvian braid, and other techniques that are specific to these classic designs. Instructions are provided for the following mittens: - A child's-sized mitten from Latgale, with a fringe cast on. - A woman's medium-sized mitten with a scalloped lower edge, from Kurzeme (the only district knitting this type of cuff). - A medium-sized mitten from Latgale with many bands of braid around the cuff. - A man's mitten from Vidzeme with a fringed lower edge. - And a women's fully-lined mitten from Zemgale. The significance of mittens in the Latvian culture is profound, and the historical details of the importance of mittens in marriage rites, plus the knitting songs (daina) provided by the author, are both fascinating and touching. Softcover. In both Latvian and English. Learn More

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