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  1. SPP77, The Surprise Vest

    SPP77, The Surprise Vest

    Cully Swansen

    From $11.99

    The Baby Surprise Jacket has only grown in popularity since Elizabeth Zimmermann knit the first one for her grandson, Cully, 50 years ago! Now, coming full-circle, Cully has designed a pair of Surprise Vests, which, similar to the BSJ, capture the exciting transformation that - with a couple of folds - turns a mysterious mass of knitting into a beautiful garment.

    The elegant Fair Isle Surprise Vest is truly revolutionary for Fair Isle construction. The beautiful OXOs and Peeries of a traditional Fair Isle are led on a surprising path during the knitting, resulting in a pleasing puzzle that, when folded and woven, reveals a striking mitered-front. Two different methods for Fair Isle construction are included.

    A similar exciting puzzle awaits with the Garter Stitch Surprise Vest. No steeks - simply a couple of increase points (like on the BSJ) and the mystery grows throughout the knitting; then, voila - a cozy, attractive vest.

    Full instructions for both vests, with multiple sizes up to 46" Fair Isle and up to 50" Garter, and plenty of images; 12 pgs in a protective archival sheet protector.

    Knit in Jamieson's Shetland (Fair Isle) and Unspun Icelandic (Garter Stitch) or Canadian Regal (Garter Stitch)

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  2. Estonian Knitting 2, Socks and Stockings

    Here is another simply splendid knitting book from Estonia, recently translated into English, and now on its way to Schoolhouse Press. Estonian Knitting 2, Socks and Stockings by Anu Pink, is in the same mode as Estonian Knitting 1, Traditions & Techniques: It is a beautifully bound hardcover edition, with quality coated stock; excellent historical information; photo-heavy; precise instructions, charts, photos, and illustrations…and nearly 100 more pages than book 1. A thorough covering of the myriad types of traditional socks and stockings in this country, including a dozen methods to turn a heel; various toe shaping; lovely color charts; scores of unique techniques. It is staggering to imagine the amount of time and skill involved in assembling this beautiful tome. Hardcover, 9x12”, 384pp, $87.00

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  3. Saltwater Mittens

    Saltwater Mittens

    Christine LeGrow and Shirley A. Scott

    From the Island of Newfoundland, More than 20 Heritage Designs to Knit. Woolen mittens have long been a Newfoundlander’s best friend. In a quirky climate of freeze, thaw, blow, and drizzle, good mittens made all tasks easier—to split birch, hammer a nail, gut a fish, draw water, hang clothes, or snare a rabbit. Social life, too, always required the finest mittens and gloves. These mittens are as practical as they are beautiful—double-knit with two colours means twice the warmth and wind resistance. The patterns are rated by difficulty and varied in style, including wristers, gloves, thumbless mitts for babies, and of course classic mittens for all. The dozens of colour photographs will inspire you to make your own bold colour choices. Plus, the nuggets of history, and tales of mittens and their knitters, make this a book everyone can enjoy. The two authors have been collecting, knitting, and studying Newfoundland mittens for the past 40 years, and have expertly and painstakingly recreated these heritage patterns with detailed instructions. Learn More
  4. Deep Roots, Patterns Inspired by the Tallgrass Prairie

    Deep Roots, Patterns Inspired by the Tallgrass Prairie, Denise Bell and Chris Dykes. As the subtitle tells you, the designer (Denise) and her photographer/essayist husband (Chris) took repeated long trips to the Tallgrass Prairie - which stretches from Oklahoma, through Kansas, and into Nebraska. Their observances are recorded through many beautiful photos, interesting essays, and Denise’s lovely knitting designs: Two scarves, a color-patterned blanket, lace shawl, poncho, and full length Frost Flower lace skirt. Softcover, $27.00 Learn More
  5. Norah Gaughan, 40 Timeless Knits

    Norah Gaughan, 40 Timeless Knits. A 40-pattern collection; all from one splendid knitting brain. Of Norah’s 120 designs which have appeared in the pages of Vogue Knitting magazine over three decades, 40 pieces were selected to honor this knitting treasure of ours. Hardcover, $24.95 Learn More
  6. Rowan - 40 Iconic Hand-Knit Designs

    Rowan, 40 Iconic Hand-Knit Designs, 40 Years. To me, this book is the definition of classic: “...of a simple elegant style not greatly subject to changes in fashion.” Full instructions for 40 timeless early designs by Kaffe Fassett, Kim Hargreaves, Marie Wallin, Sharon Miller, Louisa Harding, Jean Moss, Sasha Kagan, and many more. I love the way the book is designed: divided into two 20 garment segments (each of which shows a pair of full-page photos per design), followed by detailed instructions. Simply lovely. Hardcover, $27.95 Learn More
  7. Nevertheless


    Thomas Zimmermann/Tio Cabron

    Tom Zimmermann spent most of his life as a photographer. He is represented in the permanent collections of MoMA in NYC; the George Eastman House in Rochester; Televisa in Mexico City. He was accepted into the Heliographer’s, worked at advertising companies in Chicago and NY, taught photography @ the S.F. Art Institute, Pratt Institute, and the Institute National Bellas Artes in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. He had one-man exhibitions at both the Diego Rivera, and Atholl McBean Galleries, plus group shows at Brandeis U, Syracuse U, Museum of Modern Art, Monmouth College, Lever House, The Ice House Gallery and Robert Menschel Gallery. His work appears in the Time/Life series Documentary Photography, and he was part of the travelling show Twelve Photographers on the American Social Landscape - which included Robert Frank, Phil Perkiss, Danny Lyons, and other luminaries. His photographs are featured on a number of record albums and book covers, including Knitter’s Almanac and The Opinionated Knitter. The image Ray Draper’s Coat, at left, was first showcased in Rolling Stone. Tom divides his year between Mexico and British Columbia. This is his first book. Softcover, $30 Wholesale inquires: email

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  8. Fair Isle Designs from Shetland Knitters

    This new treasure from the Shetland guild of spinners, knitters, weavers, and dyers is winging its way to us now. Fifteen guild members have each contributed an original design for a wide assortment of knitted items - both large and small: a gift bag, tank-top, iPad cover, cardigan, phone cover, gloves, hat, waistcoat, mittens (several patterns), wrist warmers, yoke jumper, brimmed hat, hat & mitten set, and a triangular shawl. Along with general information, you have abbreviations, plus Shetland dialect knitting words and phrases. Learn More
  9. Knitsonik, Colourwork Playbook & Companion

    From $11.00

    Fans of Felicity Ford’s first book (Knitsonik, Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook) will be pleased to see her two new titles: Stranded Colourwork Playbook and Playbook Colouring Companion. Many books encourage knitters to take inspiration from a photo or a painting, choosing all the colors included and then swatching to see which shades to keep, which to eliminate, along with understanding how to combine the chosen ones.

    The Stranded Colourwork Playbook picks up where Felicity Ford's first book left off as you begin to see your surroundings through the author's eyes. If you have a daily routine, begin to look anew at the mundane items you see every day, and imagine them as pattern sources. For instance, there is a 12-page chapter which hones in on the varied colors and arrangements of bricks in houses in the author's neighbourhood. Bricks to Knit, with - literally - dozens of motif combinations and color possibilities. Projects may be small (Polka Dots & Dolls, or Buntings), or full semi-circular color-patterned shawls.There are plenty of charts with possible color-combinations offered.

    But that isn't all. Voilá, The author has also created a companion book that is much more than a coloring book. Playbook Colouring Companion allows you to find your own sources of inspiration. Here you will find many of the motifs from the Colourwork book, repeated numerous times, so you can experiment, through pencil coloring, with a variety of color possibilities.

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  10. Inspired Shawls

    Inspired Shawls

    Laura Zukaite

    In the book Inspired Shawls, 15 Creative Patterns for Year-Round Knitting, author Laura Sukaite presents designs that were inspired by her time spent in South America. Laura’s shawls are diverse and quite unique; they offer an opportunity to try many different techniques and embellishments. Softcover.

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