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  1. Tuck Stitches

    Tuck Stitches

    Nancy Marchant

    From Brioche master Nancy Marchant (Leafy Brioche), comes another striking book, dedicated to the fascinating tuck stitch, a reversible texture stitch. 90 original stitch patterns, as well as scarf, cowl, and blanket designs to help you practice and to inspire you to make your own projects using tuck stitches, beautifully photographed and clearly presented.

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  2. How to Knit a Haapsalu Shawl

    If you have hesitated to delve into knitting a legendary Estonian Haapsalu shawl, here is a valuable booklet intended to guide you through the entire process. These step-by-step instructions were assembled by master knitter Siiri Reimann (author of the beautiful Triangular Knitted Shawls book and folio). This knitting-bag-sized booklet is both a class and a workshop to enable you to knit a classic rectangular Haapsalu shawl; however, this booklet is intended to accompany any of the Haapsalu Shawl books we carry or those you already own. Softcover. Haapsalu Shawl books for designs: The Haapsalu Shawl, Knitted Shawls of Aasa Joelaid, Triangular Knitted Shawls 

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  3. Hawk Head and Hat, SPP73

    From $7.99

    Open up a whole new world of picture knitting. Learn the techniques (simpler than you might imagine) while knitting an attractive hat (directions included), then move on to Meg’s impressively lifelike Hawk Head, in the form of a useful pillowcase. Once you understand the idea behind Armenian knitting, the sky is the limit to creating unique images in color-pattern knitting, without resorting to intarsia and bobbins. Print version comes in a 3-hole, archival quality sheet protector. Learn More
  4. Fair Isle Knitting Patterns

    Fair Isle Knitting Patterns, Reproducing the known work of Robert Williamson Another ‘must have’ book for knitters who cannot ever have enough options for Fair Isle and color-pattern knitting. The author has collected a wealth of charts for knitting Fair Isle garments - which include a full alphabet (in elegant script) and a section for knitting Tartans (for which you may have to carry more than 5 stitches, and possibly carry three colors at once). Spiral-bound. Autographed by author. Learn More
  5. Shetland


    Marie Wallin

    Marie Wallin’s beautiful collection, Shetland, gives us 12 new designs: pullovers, cardigans, caps and scarves - dramatically photographed in the Shetland islands. The garments all call for ‘our’ Shetland Spindrift wool. Learn More

  6. WG 97 Fingerless Fair Isle and Selbu Flower Mittens

    From $5.50

    Woollen Mittens: Providers of warmth and comfort, quickly knitted, many opportunities to experiment with color and patterns, always welcomed as presents, and such interesting histories from the many countries in which mittens hold great cultural significance. Here is Meg’s compilation of motifs for a classic Norwegian Selbu Mitten, plus a pair of fingerless Fair Isle Mitts with a very basic and simple construction. Learn More
  7. Alice Starmore's Glamourie

    A new work from this exceptional designer is cause for celebration. The title means ‘magic’ and the garments/costumes are designed and knitted to illustrate Scottish and Gaelic legends and folklore. The stories will be presented along with illustrative knitted garments. Hardcover. Learn More
  8. Japanese Stitch Bible

    Japanese Stitch Bible

    Hitomi Shida

    This pattern collection is truly remarkable; it is difficult to believe that all the patterns emanate from a single brain! In the introduction, each symbol is described in detail, with a page reference to the motifs that utilize it. The 260 stitch patterns are photographed, charted, and divided into categories. You will be stunned by the complexity and beauty of these unique motifs - and the intensity does not diminish as you page through the book. At the end is a section for Round Yokes, plus a section of dozens of astonishing edgings. (Translation and Introduction by former Knitting Camper, Gayle Roehm.) Softcover. Learn More
  9. AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary

    Alterknit Stitch Dictionary, 200 Modern Knitting Motifs, Andrea Rangel. This is different from other stitch dictionaries in that all the 200 motifs are for stranded two-color designs (not that you cannot add plenty of other colors), and all are original to the author. Besides interesting geometric patterns, you will find many animals, insects, and even inanimate objects. There are basic instructions for those new to color knitting, plus some patterns for hats, cowls, mittens, and sweaters. Hardcover. Learn More
  10. Triangular Knitted Shawls

    Estonians keep outdoing themselves in the realm of hand-knitting books. Here is their latest beauty: Triangular Knitted Shawls by Siiri Reimann. An accumulation of six years of work from this extraordinary designer showcases 21 different Haapsalu shawls, along with unique photographs and technical instructions. The stitch patterns and edgings for each shawl are pictured and charted in the hardcover book, but you also receive an accompanying portfolio that includes enormous fold-out charts for each entire shawl! Hc book + pb portfolio Learn More

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