Vivian Høxbro's Knitting Handbook


Vivian Høxbro's Knitting Handbook, 8 Schools of Modular Knitting

Vivian Høxbro is a well-regarded Danish knitter and expert on Modular Knitting. Her original book on Domino Knitting, now a classic reference, was written twenty years ago, and she has come up with a number of new applications, divided into the following eight shapes: Stripes, Squares, Tri-Squares, Right Angles, Staircases, ZigZag, Shells, and Circles. The author designed at least 2 different items for each of the eight shapes, and you will find imaginative shawls, vests, tops, a coat, several jackets, poncho, a number of pillow covers, and a “Snake Scarf”. At the end of the book is a section with excellent general technique advice. Vivian’s newest work has been translated into English by Carol Rhoades, who continues to make knitting accessible for us. Hardcover, 188 pp.

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