Fall Workshops

All workshops have been on hold since 2020. There are no planned workshops in 2024.

Each year, knitters retreat to a Schoolhouse Press workshop (in Marshfield, WI) focused on discussion of a specific topic, determined by a vote at the previous year's workshop. When workshops resume, the first retreat workshop will be a mini-Knitting Camp focused on seamless yoke shaping and styles and steek techniques, with master knitters Meg Swansen and Amy Detjen. Knitters in a second retreat will gather for a "Knitter's Choice" Project Workshop, which will include discussion of traditional island knitting styles, with master knitters Meg Swansen and Amy Detjen.

Fall Mini-Knitting Camp (Theme: Seamless Yoke Shaping & Steek Techniques)

Seamless Yoke Shaping: Participants will each bring a completed circular body and sleeves, knitted to underarm length, with the three parts united. This can be a child, adult, or teddy bear sized garment. We will discuss 13 different methods available for yoke shaping. (If you want to try EZ's New Zealand, or the Nalgar, bring only the finished body…no sleeves.)

A Steek Intensive: There will be samples of, and demonstrations for, three different steek methods: machine-stitched, crocheted, and needle-felted. If this interests you, we recommend that you bring a sampler with 3 or 4 steeks built into it, on which to practice one or more of the methods.

As always, our knitting workshops are both instructional and conversational; our knitting discussions can go in any direction according to the wishes of our participants. Individual assistance will be available during Friday and Saturday evening.

"Knitter's Choice" Project Workshop & Traditional Island Knitting

We will continue with our third year of Knitter's Choice of projects for those who wish it. This part of the workshop is formed around group conversation and individual projects. Everyone is invited to bring a partially-completed, or finished sweater, or maybe an idea for a new design. We will discuss your questions, and ruminate upon various design options, demonstrating techniques as needed.

This workshop will also touch upon traditional knitting styles from four islands: Faroe Islands, Fair Isle, Iceland, and the Channel Island of Guernsey. We will make available several  small project handouts for participants to try different styles.

For both sessions, Meg and Amy will demonstrate techniques as they arise and pertain to individual questions. Also, we take advantage of the expert advice and design feedback forthcoming from other attendees in the session.

General Information

Workshops are limited to approximately 25 participants (the room accommodates a few more knitters, so sometimes we do as well, with a cap of 30), allowing each knitter ample opportunity to ask questions and receive individual feedback. We have held a variety of workshops with different themes from 2007 to 2019, and we look forward to welcoming a group of knitters in the future.

The workshops take place at the Holiday Inn Conference Center in Marshfield, Wisconsin where we hold our summer knitting camps. 


We stay at The Holiday Inn Conference Center in Marshfield, WI with all the amenitites you expect, including fridge and microwave in the rooms, an indoor pool/hot tub, basic workout room, and an attached bar and restaurant. We also have a room for our classes and a separate dining area for our group meals.


We include a supper buffet on your arrival night, hot breakfasts on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as well as a coupon for a free breakfast at The Kitchen Table restaurant owned by Meg's sister Lloie, in addition to coffee, tea, and snacks during our breaks. Non-knitting companions may join us for the Thursday supper buffet.


By air: Madison, WI, Minneapolis, MN, Milwaukee, WI, or Chicago, IL airports all have feeder lines to Central Wisconsin Airport (CWA, phone:715-693-2147) in Mosinee/Wausau, WI (35 miles east of Marshfield). A van shuttle service from CWA to the hotel is available through the Holiday Inn; the cost varies, call the hotel for information (Holiday Inn Marshfield, 715-486-1500 and press 4 for the front desk). Or you can rent a car at either CWA or a major airport (Madison, approx drive time: 2.5 hrs, Milwaukee, WI approx drive time: 4 hours, Mpls, MN, approx drive time: 3 hrs, Chicago, IL approx drive time: 5.5 hours, CWA approx drive time: 35 minutes)

Estimated Workshop Fee (fees may change year to year, but the 2020 fees below give you an idea of cost)

Fee includes lodging, most meals, and tuition. Transportation is not included.

Single ($1150)
Double w/knitting workshop roommate ($995)
Double with a non-knitting companion ($1200); Non-Knitting companions may join us for the welcome dinner and breakfasts; if your non-knitting companion does not plan to eat with us, choose a single room (let us know your preferred bed type is based on two-person occupancy). Note: Meals are charged per person based on our advance counts, even though they are served buffet style.
Off-campus ($835)

Questions? Call us at (715) 884-2799 or send us an email.