• blue coat, yoke sweater
  • man wearing a black and cream faroe patterned v vest in unspun wool
  • drawings of medrith glover's classic sweater patterns
  • Image of female model in Fair Isle Surprise vest in farm field with big clouds
Elizabeth Zimmermann
Meg Swansen

Welcome to Schoolhouse Press

Schoolhouse Press is a publisher of knitting books, patterns, and instructional videos, the home of Knitting Camp, and a knitting supply business founded in the mid-1950s by British-born master knitter Elizabeth Zimmermann. Today, we are a typical small business located in Wisconsin, USA, run by Elizabeth's family and a few staff members wearing a number of hats. Our focus is on customer service (yes, it's still possible to reach us by phone--800-968-5648) and supplying knitters with books, patterns, wool, and tools we use and endorse. Learn More.


Featured Products

Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift Sample Card

Wool samples of Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift; colors on the card match the order of the colors on our Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift page for convenient ordering. Postpaid in U.S.

Making Marls

Making Marls is a ground-breaking, lushly illustrated, and beautifully made book about multistrand handknitting and the creation of marled fabrics. The technique is as simple as knitting multiple strands of yarn together...

Shetland Adventure Journal Volume I

This Journal is a gift to help assuage the disappointment caused by cancellation of Shetland Wool Week and all other trips and tours planned to the Shetland Islands. The author, Misa Hay, was the original editor for issu...

WG 104 Celtic Border Vest

This vest is knit with a color-pattern motif adapted from one in the book Celtic Charted Designs. It features corrugated ribbing at the lower edge and a fascinating stranded section which transitions to a single-color to...

Knitting Patterns

Weekend Sweater - SPP67

Knit a comfortable, attractive yoke sweater for everyday wear - that is custom fit for you. Meg Swansen leads you step by step through the remarkably simple process of sizing your sweater with EPS (Elizabeth’s Percenta...

SPP77, The Surprise Vest

The Baby Surprise Jacket has only grown in popularity since Elizabeth Zimmermann knit the first one for her grandson, Cully, 50 years ago! Now, coming full-circle, Cully has designed a pair of Surprise Vests, which, simi...

WG 100 A-Line Fair Isle Yoke

It seemed natural that for Wool Gathering #100 (an auspicious anniversary) I should return to my mum's basic EPS seamless yoke pullover, in homage to her 1958 Newsletter #1 (now available in The Opinionated Knitter). The...

SPP78, Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia), Digital

For those familiar with Felipe Cavalheiro’s amazingly vibrant color-pattern designs (see SPP#54, 58, 65), his latest creation will not disappoint! Felipe has designed an elegant cardigan that features a lifelike motif ...

Peace Baby Sweater - SPP79

In Memory of Anne Frank. Mary Kay McDermott writes, “…..I opened the pages [of a magazine] to a picture of 2 year old Anne Frank from May, 1931. She is wearing a lovely knitted sweater with matching rompers....

WG 101 V-Neck Vests

Meg presents detailed instructions for two stylish vests, suitable for any gender. Plus, she uses EPS (Elizabeth’s Percentage System) to layout general instructions for you to craft your own vest in any size/gauge ...