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close up of the starry night tam from the book knitting tams, similar colors to Van Gogh Starry night painting--deep blues, yellows

Fair Isle

Fair Isle is a specific and satisfying kind of color-pattern knitting, and can be differentiated from all other types. It is unique to that series of small islands, alone in the North Sea.

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woman in pink sweater on suspension bridge over river

Seamless Sweaters

Learn to unite sweater body and sleeves with smooth, seamless joins.

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Wool Gathering

Wool Gathering booklet cover with Issue 105 and September 2021, woman in pink raglan on suspension bridge over river 

September 2021: Weekend Raglan, WG 105

A Wool Gathering subscription includes 4 issues, beginning with the most recent issue (if still in stock). Each issue includes an original design, brief reviews of new books and products, beautiful and helpful images, and sometimes additional commentary about knitting.

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Vogue Knitting Magazine

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Schoolhouse Press is a publisher of knitting books, patterns, and videos, the home of Knitting Camp, and a wool and hand-knitting supply business founded in the mid-1950s by British-born master knitter Elizabeth Zimmermann. Elizabeth’s philosophy of self-confidence and discovery has been carried forward by her daughter Meg Swansen, an internationally known designer, author, and teacher.

Today, Schoolhouse Press remains a family-run company committed to celebrating Elizabeth and Meg’s innovative hand-knitting style. We invite you to explore what we have to offer; we’re here to help you knit on!

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