Newsletter Archive

Newsletter Archive

Note: Newsletters have been replaced with e-news mailings and Meg's blog, which is updated to correspond with the mailings and includes knitting tips & techniques, book reviews, stories and more through writing, images, and sometimes video.

Most Recent Newsletter April 2016
Twisted Stitch Knitting

Spring 2006
Knitting Small Circumferences
on Two Circular Needles

Fall 2006
Casting Off, Q&A Garter Stitch, Icord

Spring 2007
Guernsey, Various Q&A

Fall 2007
Armenian Knitting, Various Q&A

Winter 2008
Various Q&A

Spring 2008
50th Anniversary of Schoolhouse Press

Fall 2008
50th Anniversary of Schoolhouse Press

Spring 2009
Hats, plus Various Q&A

Fall 2009
Trip to Wales, Q&A

Special 2009
Elizabeth Zimmermann
Green Sweater Announcement

Winter 2010
Various Q&A

Spring 2010
Box the Compass,
Saddle Sleeve Sweater Q&A

Fall 2010
Various Q&A

December 2010
Various Q&A:

Spring 2011
Knit One Knit All book/Garter Stitch

Fall 2011
Knitting with Two Colors

Winter 2012

Spring 2012
Guernseys, Jerseys, Channel Island Cast-On, Gussets, Side-Seams

Fall 2012
Garter Stitch Blanket

Winter 2012
Latvian Mitten hat

Spring 2013
Circular Surprise Jacket, new patterns

Fall 2013
Unspun Icelandic, BGW Auction

Winter 2014
Coats and Collars

Spring 2014
Fair Isle Tams

June 2014
Twisted-Stitch Knitting, Latvian Braid

September 2014

November 2014
Color Knitting

January/February 2015
Skiing, Meg/EZ's Pinwheel Hat

September 2015
New Title Special Offer through 10-07-15

December 2015

April 2016
Twisted Stitch Knitting