Circular Stranded Surprise Jacket, Print

There is a new addition to the Surprise Jacket family. Cully Swansen has adapted his grandmother's iconic Baby Surprise Jacket (EZs original pattern available below) into a circular stranded version that can be knit with patterns for babies, adults, or children.

For those knitters ready to take Surprise Jacket knitting to the next level, this masterful design offers an exciting challenge. The circular adaptation of the Baby Surprise Jacket retains the shape, construction, and mystery of the garter stitch version. The SPP includes instructions, charts for the purple and white CSBSJ and black/gray/cream adult CSASJ, and blank charts for knitters to establish their own color patterns. Using the chart templates provided, you can be as creative with patterns in the circular jacket as you were with stripes in the original.

Cully gives numbers for the baby version, three child sizes, and six adult sizes. Step-by-step photographs of the garment in progress and technique instruction are also included.
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