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In Memory of Anne Frank. Mary Kay McDermott writes, “…..I opened the pages [of a magazine] to a picture of 2 year old Anne Frank from May, 1931. She is wearing a lovely knitted sweater with matching rompers. The cardigan is joined with classic pearl buttons as well as a pin to accommodate her full and robust toddler frame. This knitting shows much love, as it was well worn and used for a valued portrait…..”

Mary Kay had just visited Auschwitz, Poland when she saw the photo of Anne at 2. Inspired by the photograph, she designed a beautiful, flattering, and functional baby cardigan as a tribute to Anne, Anne's family, and her legacy, with a hope for peace. A unique tie-in for this tribute sweater is the fact that Mary Kay’s husband has worked for years with the Commemorative Air Force, which restored an original C-47. That plane will fly to France for the 75th anniversary of D-Day, and Mary Kay’s Peace Sweater will be aboard for the flight.

In honor of Anne Frank and those who fought for freedom, all profits from this pattern will be donated to The Anne Frank House ( and the Commemorative Air Force (

Worsted weight at 5-5.5 st/in. Regal or Ultra Alpaca.

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