Swedish Gradient Ull Thick Hats - SPP 56

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We are smitten by this beautiful imported Swedish Gradient Ull (wool) from Swedish sheep. The thick single strand is equal to 2 strands of our Unspun Icelandic, so we combined the two types of wool for 4 of the 5 hats shown on the cover (the red circular Brioche watchcap uses only the Gradient Ull). The top 3 caps shown were all knitted from one large wheel of the graident wool, combined with different Unspun Icelandic colors for the patterns. Three types of hat instructions are included (patterned watchcap, brioche cap, and tam). To knit three hats, one of each type, we recommend using one large wheel of Swedish Gradient Ull and one wheel of Unspun Icelandic wool.

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Swedish Gradient Ull Thick Hats, Print - $9.99
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