WG 102 Tubular Scarves

$5.50 each
WG #102 features tubular scarves: a beautiful Ram’s Horn motif in shaded Unspun Icelandic and a mesmerizing basket-weave pattern in Shetland Spindrift - both from Meg, plus a simple plain-knit tubular scarf from Elizabeth (with some vintage photos of Meg modeling it in the 60s). Meg gives you multiple options for finishing the ends (from Sock-Toe to rolled-edge to ribbing to fringe, etc.); knitter’s choice! A scarf is fun to knit, easy to modify and makes a great gift - knit a simple stocking stitch tube, or challenge yourself with a beautiful color-pattern. Full instructions, charts, and variations included.

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WG 102 Tubular Scarves - Print - $5.50
WG 102 Tubular Scarves - Digital - $5.50
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