The Surprise Vest - SPP77

$11.99 each

The Baby Surprise Jacket has only grown in popularity since Elizabeth Zimmermann knit the first one for her grandson, Cully, 50 years ago! Now, coming full-circle, Cully has designed a pair of Surprise Vests, which, similar to the BSJ, capture the exciting transformation that - with a couple of folds - turns a mysterious mass of knitting into a beautiful garment.

The elegant Fair Isle Surprise Vest is truly revolutionary for Fair Isle construction. The beautiful OXOs and Peeries of a traditional Fair Isle are led on a surprising path during the knitting, resulting in a pleasing puzzle that, when folded and woven, reveals a striking mitered-front. Two different methods for Fair Isle construction are included.

A similar exciting puzzle awaits with the Garter Stitch Surprise Vest. No steeks - simply a couple of increase points (like on the BSJ) and the mystery grows throughout the knitting; then, voila - a cozy, attractive vest.

Full instructions for both vests, with multiple sizes up to 46" Fair Isle and up to 50" Garter, and plenty of images; 12 pgs.

Knit in Jamieson's Shetland (Fair Isle) and Unspun Icelandic (Garter Stitch) or Canadian Regal (Garter Stitch)

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