1. Blog #32 Meg Swansen on Fair Isle

    close up of Mary Rowe's Starry Night tam in blues and yellow

     Fair Isle is a specific and satisfying kind of color-pattern knitting, and can be differentiated from all other types. It is unique to that series of small islands, alone in the North Sea. 

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  2. Blog #31 Meg Swansen on the Mitten Thumb Trick

    Black and White Knit Mittens with red thread

    When working color-patterned mittens, use the Thumb Trick

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  3. Blog #29 Meg Swansen on Knitting in Solidarity

    Lloie Schwartz petting a black nosed sheep with farmer in Italy

    "Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises." Elizabeth Zimmermann

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  4. Blog #1 Meg Swansen on Books, Bohus Knitting, and her Bohus Sweater Collection

    Close up showing white knitted item in a curved shape

    Meg journals about books and shows knitters some of her Bohus sweater collection as she discusses Bohus knitting and books on the subject.

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