1. Blog #39 Meg Swansen on Necklines and on Gauge

    yoke of a guernsey sweater in purple heather

    Meg Swansen on Necklines and on Gauge

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  2. Blog #38 Meg Swansen & Cully on Yoke Construction

    close up of splash and cloud shetland ebb and flow sweater yoke

    Meg & Cully on Yoke Construction

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  3. Blog #37 Meg Swansen on Picot Technique

    yellow cuff in progress with stitches on needle

    Meg discusses picot edging and its varied uses.

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  4. Blog #36 Meg on Knitting Back Backwards

    image of entrelac knit hats in gray and purple

    Meg discusses her method of knitting back backwards (knitting backwards)

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  5. Blog #35 Meg Swansen interviews author Jeannine Bakriges

    cover of the book Spinning Around, woman wearing the knitted grouse scarf in browns and cream

    Meg Swansen interviews author Jeannine Bakriges about her book Spinning Around: Spinning, Dyeing & Knitting Elizabeth Zimmermann's Classics

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  6. Blog #34 Meg Swansen on Knitting Community, Remembering Mary Rowe

    meg swansen and mary rowe, author, seated with guild members standing behind them

    Meg remembers Mary Rowe, author of Knitting Tams and talks about her own Pinwheel Tam.

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  7. Blog #33 Meg Swansen on Seamless Yoke Sweaters

    gray wool sample that shows half the square woven with blue wool and sewing up needle

    Meg Swansen demonstrates making seamless joins for sweater construction.

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  8. Blog #32 Meg Swansen on Fair Isle

    close up of Mary Rowe's Starry Night tam in blues and yellow

     Fair Isle is a specific and satisfying kind of color-pattern knitting, and can be differentiated from all other types. It is unique to that series of small islands, alone in the North Sea. 

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  9. Blog #31 Meg Swansen on the Mitten Thumb Trick

    Black and White Knit Mittens with red thread

    When working color-patterned mittens, use the Thumb Trick

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  10. Blog #30 Meg Swansen on Invisible Joins and Sleeves

    close up drawing of how to knit up invisibly

    Meg demonstrates knitting up invisibly and lengthening the sleeves on the surprise jacket.

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