1. Blog #24 Cully Swansen on The EZ Knitting Calculator for Surprise Jackets

    Different sizes and variations of surprise jackets from small to large, bottom to top on placed on each other

    Cully writes about the new update to his EZ Calculator for Surprise Jackets, an online calculator that produces row by row instructions for any size surprise jacket.

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  2. Blog #23 Meg Swansen on Wool Gathering and The Opinionated Knitter

    drawing of Make 1 increasing on a needle, with Make 1 loop shown next to stitches

    Meg discusses EZs newsletters and demonstrates a M(ake) 1 increase, in the snail hat.

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  3. Blog #22 Meg Swansen on the Surprise Pattern & Steeks

    background of the celtic vest sweater with felting tools on top of it

    Meg celebrates the Surprise pattern and demonstrates a new way to secure steek stiches.

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  4. Blog #21 Meg Swansen on Bridget Rorem's Lace Cast-On

    Close up of red cast on stitches for lace

    Meg demonstrates Bridget Rorem's Cast-Off and-On used in the Anniversary Shawl.

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  5. Blog #20 In Memory of Tami Robus

    Tami Robus in purple Knitting Camp sweatshirt at her desk, petting a Maine Coon cat lounging in front of her keyboard

    In Memory of Tami

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  6. Blog #19 Meg Swansen on Speed Swatching

    close up of a speed swatch on circular knitting needle in green wool with bright teal pattern

    Meg demonstrates speed swatching.

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  7. Blog #18 Meg Swansen on Latvian Braid

    Close up of two sweater yokes with knitted braid pattern

    Meg demonstrates latvian braid.

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  8. Blog #17 Meg Swansen on Casting On for Circular Shawls

    Close up of a drawing in red of cast on loop for circular shawls

    Meg Swansen demonstrates Emily Ocker's Cast On, a method to begin a circular shawl and a video, the Pi Parade, of knitting campers who made Elizabeth Zimmermann's Pi Shawl last summer.

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  9. Blog #16 Meg Swansen on Marking Stitches

    Close up of a coilless pin used for marking stitches

    Meg Swansen demonstrates marking stitches using coilless pins.

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  10. Blog #15 Meg Swansen on Knitting for Dolls

    Young blonde girl playing with blonde doll, spinning wheel and craft items in background

    Meg Swansen shares a Christmas story about Elizabeth Zimmermann and knitting for dolls.

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