Below you will find, listed alphabetically, corrections, additions, and clarifications for some of our materials. If you do not find what you are looking for below but still feel there is an error in a pattern, please contact us. We appreciate all those who have pointed out errors in past. To read PDF files you'll need a copy of Adobe Acrobat's free Acrobat Reader. Download it free at the link we've provided.

Armenian Knitting

Page 10: Last paragraph on right side column: Repeat from *, with two stitches fewer between decreases, until 5 stitches remain.

Cardigan Details DVD

Cardigan Details DVD Errata

The Complete Surprise, first edition

The Complete Surprise Errata

Diagonal Knitting

Diagonal Knitting Errata

Double Knitting (First edition only; second edition is corrected.)

Double Knitting Errata

Project Yarn List

ART DECO TAM (first edition; this has been corrected in the second edition.)


M'lou's lovely Art Deco coat was missing instructions for its coordinating Tam pictured below. And, the instructions for the Animals in the Garden blanket were missing as well. Please download these for your book.

Note: These patterns are for knitters who have purchased Double Knitting. Terms and Techniques are explained in the book, not the pdf instructions

Handknitting with Meg Swansen

HMS Errata

Corrected HMS Chart

Knit One Knit All: Elizabeth Zimmermann's Garter Stitch Designs

KOKA Errata First Printing

KOKA Errata Second Printing

KOKA Zig-Zag Chart Correction

Long Collared Jacket Correction-All editions

Knitting Brioche Lace

Knitting Brioche Lace Errata

Knitting Around

KAR Errata

Knitting Lace DVD

Knitting Lace DVD Errata

Knitting with Two Colors

Knitting with Two Colors

Knitting Workshop, 2005 edition

Knitting Workshop 2005 Errata

The Opinionated Knitter

The Opinionated Knitter Errata

Schoolhouse Press Pattern #1 (EZ's Butterfly)

SPP#1 Errata

Schoolhouse Press Pattern #2 (Arch-Shaped Stockings)

SPP#2 Errata

Schoolhouse Press Pattern #4 (EZs Yoke Sweaters)

SPP4 Errata Lloie's Yoke Chart

SPP4 Errata Pullover Yoke Chart

Schoolhouse Press Pattern #5 (ABCSJ)

Addition to the pattern: Will be in 2nd edition of pattern

EZ's One Row Buttonhole: YO, k2tog buttonholes are fine for the BSJ, but for the Child's and Adult's versions, try this (from page 80 of EZ's Knitter's Almanac): "Slip1 as if to p. Wool fwd and leave it there. Slip 1 as if to p. Pass 1st slipped stitch over 2nd. Slip 1 as if to p. Pass 2nd slipped stitch over 3rd. Slip 1 as if to p. Pass 3rd slipped stitch over 4th. Put 4th stitch on L needle, twisting it. Twist last stitch on R needle. Pull wool tightly, lay over R needle from front to back and pass turned stitch over it. Make 4 firm backward loops over R needle, k2tog. KNIT ON."

In the section on Page 5 labelled ‘Hood’, replace the 3rd sentence with the following, “Increase on each side of those marked sts (m1, k3, m1) every other row 10-12 times.”

Page 8, 2nd column, 2nd sentence should read, “Knit up into the outline stitch behind the purl bumps (see p10).”

Page 10, Knitting up from Long Tail cast on, should read, “Knit up into the outline stitch behind the purl bumps.” 

Knit Up Illustration

Schoolhouse Press Bridget Rorem Near Solstice Pattern

Note: Needle size is 2 mm, which is a US 0.

We apologize for omitting Gauge information in Bridget Rorem's beautiful Near Solstice shawl (and it went through three editors!). Here is a note on the subject from Bridget:

Gauge: I have a measurement of 8 stitches and 14 rows to the inch. Of course, this is blocked, but I did not stretch it a great deal. Being garter, there is a lot of leeway in the rows-to-the-inch part. The widest part of my shawl measures about 78 inches.

Schoolhouse Press Pattern #8 (Christmas Past)

SPP 8 Christmas Past Amendment

Schoolhouse Press Pattern #13 (The Green Sweater)

SPP 13 Green Sweater Errata (Jan 2010; these corrections have been made in the most recent versions of the green sweater pattern. However, please note for all versions: The center front steek should not be cut until after the neckline steek has been completed.)

Schoolhouse Press Pattern #19 (The Tomten)

SPP 19 Tomten Pattern

Schoolhouse Press Pattern #25 (If I Could Fly)

SPP 25 If I Could Fly

Schoolhouse Press Pattern #28 (Ritual Dance)

SPP 28 Ritual Dance

Schoolhouse Press Pattern #29 (Snow Sky)

The recommended wool is Shetland Spindrift (25 g balls): 14 balls of #123 Oxford (dark grey) 11 balls of #122 Granite (silver)

Schoolhouse Press Pattern #31 (Autumn Color Fair Isle)

SPP31 Autumn Color Fair Isle

Schoolhouse Press Pattern #35 (Norwegian Rose Jacket)

SPP 35 Norwegian Rose Jacket

"Notes on symmetry and borders:
   Meg’s red and white version (her original design in 2002) uses the 9-stitch front border (chart 4b, p4). In order to perfectly balance the flower (chart 2) and diamond (chart 3) motifs, she did not include the 18 sts of the center-front borders in the circumference for her pattern-placement calculations. Because of this, her side seams are actually rotated toward the back by 4.5 sts (half of the ‘extra’ 9 sts of the border on each front).
   Later, when designing the blue and white version, she took this into account, and made a new 12-stitch border (chart 1, which is half the stitch count of the flower chart 2), which she then included in the pattern-placement calculations. The borders from each front edge add together as 24 stitches, or the width of a full flower - that way, she had 5 flowers on the back and 5 (actually 4, plus the flower-width borders) on the front.
   Because of this unique relationship between chart 1 and chart 2, after knitting the 12 border-sts, she could begin knitting at the right edge of chart 2, and the center back of the sweater aligned with the center stitch (stitch 13) of chart 2.
   This relationship was not true for chart 1 and chart 3 (which is 30 sts wide), which is why the right edge of the diamond motif on the blue and white version does not line up exactly with the front border, unlike on the red and white version.
   So, when knitting chart 3, begin on stitch 13 (as described in the example round on p2), to allow for the 12 border sts and still have the center of the diamond at the center-back. When kitting chart 2, you can do the same thing - or, because chart 2 is twice the border width, you may begin at the right edge of the chart and the motif will still be centered at the back - knitter’s choice.”


Schoolhouse Press Pattern #41 (The Circular Stranded Surprise Jacket)

SPP 41 Circular Stranded Surprise Jacket

Schoolhouse Press Pattern #42 (The Ribwarmer)

SPP 42 The Ribwarmer

Schoolhouse Press Pattern #46 (Frame Saddle Jacket)

SPP 46 Frame Saddle Jacket Errata

SPP 46 Frame Saddle Jacket Clarification

Schoolhouse Press Pattern #50 (Saddle Shoulder Aran Cardigan)

SPP 50 Legend for page 4 charts

Schoolhouse Press Pattern #57 (Lace or Garter Pelerine)

Stitch Count Clarification

Chart Correction

Schoolhouse Press Pattern #76 (Sideways Mystery Mitten)

p. 1

The gauge should be 5 sts/inch, instead of 4 sts/inch.

© Schoolhouse Press,

Spinning Around

Spinning Around--Bohus Amendment

Spinning Around--Project Amounts List for Exact Replica of Designs

Spun Out #14

Spun Out 14 Errata

Sweaters from Camp (out of print)

Sweaters from Camp Errata

Treasury of Knitting Patterns

A Treasury of Knitting Patterns Errata

2nd Treasury of Knitting Patterns

2nd Treasury of Knitting Patterns Errata 1

4th Treasury of Knitting Patterns

4th Treasury of Knitting Patterns Errata 1

4th Treasury of Knitting Patterns Heart Oak Chart

4th Treasury of Knitting Patterns Snakes & Lattices

Correction on p. 34
Mosaic 7
Should read "Multiple of 12 sts plus 3"

Mosaic 6
Should read "Multiple of 16 sts plus 3"

Unexpected Knitting

Page 50
The text is correct for you to Cast On 66 sts - but the diagram is in error; it should indicate 66 stitches for the Cast on and 44 stitches for each of the sides.

Please also download the errata with previous corrections.

Errata for Unexpected Knitting

Vogue 2006 Spring/Summer issue

Vogue 2006 Spring/Summer Errata

Wool Gathering 56-Spiral and Inner Directed Lace Shawls

WG 56 Errata

Wool Gathering 77-Double V-Vest

The chart in WG#77 has some un-necessary purl stitches stuck in.

Row 4 and 8 plus their repeat on rows 12 and 20: please eliminate the tiny purl stitches at the cross-over points.There are Kb stitches crossing over Kb stitches, so no purls are displaced.

Wool Gathering 79 (SPP4)-EZ Yoke Sweaters Anniversary Issue

WG 79 Errata Lloie's Yoke Chart

WG 79 Errata Pullover Yoke Chart

Wool Gathering 80-5 Hats

Dear Knitter, I failed to describe the horizontal lines in the charts on page 12 of WG#80: The horizontal lines on Motif 1 indicate cables. The lines are broken in the middle of the 16-stitch repeat - and each group of 8 is divided in half by a vertical line. The right-hand group has an arrow to the right - which means the second group of 4 are traveling to the right over the first group of four. With a left arrow on the 2nd group of 8, reverse the above: cable the middle 4 over the outside 4 to the left. As you work the cable, maintain continuity of stitches (k1b and p).

Durer Hat: With thanks to Roberta Preston for finding the mistakes in row 4 and row 6 (one too many sts before the pair of single decreases)

WG 80 Durer Hat chart

Wool Gathering 81-Swedish Delsbo Jacket

Dear Knitter,
There is a mistake in the chart on page 10 of WG#81.
Here is the corrected chart for size 45":

If you have purchased a Wool Gathering and are considering knitting the Swedish Delsbo cardigan, we have charted out each individual size (33", 37", 41", 45" and 49") showing the pivot points at the side seams. We will include all the new charts with each kit we mail out. If you'd like a copy for personal use, please notify us and we will email you a PDF version.

WG 81 Delsbo 45"

Wool Gathering 92-Garland Necklace Yoke

Corrected Charts WG92

Wool Gathering 99-Anniversary Shawl

WG 99 Anniversary Shawl

Wool Gathering 102-Tubular Scarves

WG 102 Tubular Scarves

 pp 8-9 Ram’s Horn Patterned Scarf

 In Chart 1 the text in the red box should read, “18-stitch & 9-row repeat”

 On page 8 in the paragraph beginning, “Cast on 64 sts…”, the 4th sentence should read, “To fit 4 pattern repeats, inc to 72 sts by (k8, m1) around.”

 On page 9, before working 2 round of knit and 2 rounds of purl, first decrease back down (in Blacksheep only) to 64 sts by (k7, k2tog) around.


Wool Gathering 108-Ebb and Flow Sweater

On page 6, the top of the 2nd column should read:

"begin working 8 sts less every other row for 10 (12, 16, 19) more ridges."