1. Blog #9 Meg Swansen on Books by American Authors

    cover of the book the Complete Surprise showing all the different variations, pink faded background and various images of garments

    Meg Swansen discusses on video knitting books by American authors, with peeks inside the books.

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  2. Blog #8 Meg Swansen on Solstice Reading

    Close up of piles of black and white mittens from the book Selbu Mittens

    Meg on books from Scandinavia & Europe with in-depth video discussion and inside peeks into the books.

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  3. Blog #7 Meg Swansen on Planning Knitting Projects

    Close up of A Knitter's  Journal product, purple lily on front cover and dangling legs with art socks in red and white pattern

    Meg Swansen shares her approach to designing and planning to knit projects, with recommendations for resources useful for beginner to advanced knitters.

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  4. Blog #6 Meg Swansen on Two Color Knitting

    Close up of a fair isle vest on a man wearing a shirt and tie, cropped image shows waist to neck only

    Meg Swansen writes about learning to knit with two colors and shows her technique and style of knitting.

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  5. Blog #5 Meg Swansen on Increasing and Arnold Zimmermann

    Close up of increasing technique, blue wool on needle tips

    Meg Swansen discusses (in text and video) the variation to an increase and writes about her father, Arnold Zimmermann, in response to a request from a knitter.

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  6. Blog #4 Meg Swansen on Twisted Stitch Knitting

    close up showing one cream and one blue twisted stitch hats

    Meg Swansen discusses Twisted Stitch Knitting on camera as she shows samples, talks about resources, and demonstrates the knitting technique.

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  7. Blog #3 Meg Swansen on Valentine's Day, Elizabeth Zimmermann Knitting Hearts, and Skiing

    red construction paper hearts cut out and individual

    Meg Swansen journals about Valentine's Day, Elizabeth Zimmermann knitting hearts, and skiing, with photos.

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  8. Blog #2 Meg Swansen on Knitting Camp, Retreats, and Sheep

    Close up showing white knitted item in a curved shape

    Meg journals about Knitting Camp and attending knitting events, with photos of meeting Black Nose sheep in Italy.

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  9. Blog #1 Meg Swansen on Books, Bohus Knitting, and her Bohus Sweater Collection

    Close up showing white knitted item in a curved shape

    Meg journals about books and shows knitters some of her Bohus sweater collection as she discusses Bohus knitting and books on the subject.

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