1. Blog #23 Meg Swansen on Wool Gathering and The Opinionated Knitter

    drawing of Make 1 increasing on a needle, with Make 1 loop shown next to stitches

    Meg discusses EZs newsletters and demonstrates a M(ake) 1 increase, in the snail hat.

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  2. Blog #22 Meg Swansen on the Surprise Pattern & Steeks

    background of the celtic vest sweater with felting tools on top of it

    Meg celebrates the Surprise pattern and demonstrates a new way to secure steek stiches.

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  3. Blog #21 Meg Swansen on Bridget Rorem's Lace Cast-On

    Close up of red cast on stitches for lace

    Meg demonstrates Bridget Rorem's Cast-Off and-On used in the Anniversary Shawl.

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  4. Blog #20 In Memory of Tami Robus

    Tami Robus in purple Knitting Camp sweatshirt at her desk, petting a Maine Coon cat lounging in front of her keyboard

    In Memory of Tami

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  5. Blog #19 Meg Swansen on Speed Swatching

    close up of a speed swatch on circular knitting needle in green wool with bright teal pattern

    Meg demonstrates speed swatching.

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  6. Blog #18 Meg Swansen on Latvian Braid

    Close up of two sweater yokes with knitted braid pattern

    Meg demonstrates latvian braid.

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  7. Blog #17 Meg Swansen on Casting On for Circular Shawls

    Close up of a drawing in red of cast on loop for circular shawls

    Meg Swansen demonstrates Emily Ocker's Cast On, a method to begin a circular shawl and a video, the Pi Parade, of knitting campers who made Elizabeth Zimmermann's Pi Shawl last summer.

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  8. Blog #16 Meg Swansen on Marking Stitches

    Close up of a coilless pin used for marking stitches

    Meg Swansen demonstrates marking stitches using coilless pins.

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  9. Blog #15 Meg Swansen on Knitting for Dolls

    Young blonde girl playing with blonde doll, spinning wheel and craft items in background

    Meg Swansen shares a Christmas story about Elizabeth Zimmermann and knitting for dolls.

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  10. Blog #14 Meg Swansen on Jogless Color Knitting

    close up of a color knitting pattern chart, hearts or aspen leaf shapes in red on white graph

    Meg Swansen discusses and demonstrates how to avoid the pattern jog in color knitting.

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