1. Blog #18 Meg Swansen on Latvian Braid

    Close up of two sweater yokes with knitted braid pattern

    Meg demonstrates latvian braid.

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  2. Blog #17 Meg Swansen on Casting On for Circular Shawls

    Close up of a drawing in red of cast on loop for circular shawls

    Meg Swansen demonstrates Emily Ocker's Cast On, a method to begin a circular shawl and a video, the Pi Parade, of knitting campers who made Elizabeth Zimmermann's Pi Shawl last summer.

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  3. Blog #16 Meg Swansen on Marking Stitches

    Close up of a coilless pin used for marking stitches

    Meg Swansen demonstrates marking stitches using coilless pins.

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  4. Blog #15 Meg Swansen on Knitting for Dolls

    Young blonde girl playing with blonde doll, spinning wheel and craft items in background

    Meg Swansen shares a Christmas story about Elizabeth Zimmermann and knitting for dolls.

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  5. Blog #14 Meg Swansen on Jogless Color Knitting

    close up of a color knitting pattern chart, hearts or aspen leaf shapes in red on white graph

    Meg Swansen discusses and demonstrates how to avoid the pattern jog in color knitting.

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  6. Blog #13 Meg Swansen on Unspun Icelandic Wool

    wheels of pink unspun pulled apart from the bun

    Meg demonstrates knitting with Unspun Icelandic wool & breaking a bun into wheels.

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  7. Blog #12 Meg Swansen on cabling without a needle

    Close up of a twisted stitch/cabled hat, bright blue worn by a young woman with only part of her face showing

    Meg Swansen teaches you how to cable without a needle and discusses cables.

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  8. Blog #11 Meg Swansen on I-Cord

    Close up drawing of making an I-cord stitch

    Meg Swansen shows the basic I-Cord method and talks about her I-Cord gloves, with Bill!

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  9. Blog #10 Meg Swansen on Securing and Cutting Steeks

    Close up showing the use of a crochet hook to secure steek stitches with blue colored wool on red and white pattern

    Meg Swansen shows examples of steeks and instructs on securing and cutting them.

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  10. Blog #9 Meg Swansen on Books by American Authors

    cover of the book the Complete Surprise showing all the different variations, pink faded background and various images of garments

    Meg Swansen discusses on video knitting books by American authors, with peeks inside the books.

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